Meet pradyut bordoloi india

Congress key posts for Pradyut, NE leaders

meet pradyut bordoloi india

Guwahati: Pradyut Bordoloi, three-time cabinet minister and adviser of Rendezvous With Rebels: Journey to Meet India's Most Wanted Men. Congress President Sonia Gandhi met two Cabinet ministers from the state in Minister Pradyut Bordoloi; and Panchayat & Rural Development and Four days later, Bordoloi also met Sonia and told the media that he had. India News: GUWAHATI: Congress in the state on Thursday the two are expected to meet at BRICS summit in Xiamen next month. Chairman of Congress media cell and former minister Pradyut Bordoloi said that the matter.

Like many constituencies in Assam, Margherita has traditionally been a Congress bastion.

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With a total electorate of , the constituency is multi-ethnic and inhabited by tribal and non-tribal Assamese, including the tea tribes, as well as Nepalis, Biharis, Bengalis and Sinphos.

In the assembly elections, the Congress received The AGP occupied the second position with The general elections perhaps revealed the shape of things to come with a massive shift of votes in favour of the BJP. We want new faces who would seriously work for the people. According to one estimate, there are more than 30, who have no jobs or any avenue of employment. A majority of them are engaged as workers in the numerous small tea gardens that have mushroomed or in theft of coal from the mines.

Patchy development Resentment was clearly brewing against Bordoloi over the past few years, which he failed to gauge.

meet pradyut bordoloi india

Remote regions like Pengeri and Burhi Dihing circles, once the hotbed of militant activities, still do not have proper roads. During the rainy season, it is almost impossible to commute through the mud and gravel roads that connect the odd villages in these areas.

To Delhi, Via Guwahati - Nation News - Issue Date: May 14,

Add to this the erratic nature of power supply and a perfect cocktail emerges for the defeat of the Congress, which has been ruling Assam consecutively for the past 15 years.

Margherita, the place where I was brought up, is located in the foothills of the Patkai range that separates India from Myanmar. This is the northeastern-most tip of India, where nature takes on a larger-than-life character. It is not just tall trees and swift rivers, my childhood memories involve stories told about nature as god. Anyone who has grown up dwarfed by a rainforest not merely falls in love with it, but remains in awe of it forever. So you are a true son of Assamese soil?

I did my schooling in Margherita and only left to do my college in Guwahati and my post graduation in New Delhi. The forest has injected in me an inexplicable sense of fulfillment.

meet pradyut bordoloi india

Conversely, the destruction of wild nature produces an almost unreasoning sadness and anger. How does this love mix and match with the other, polarised, portfolio that you are handling — power? Are forests and power polarised? I am sure no one will suggest that we need no power at all. And, because I look after forests, I am able to ensure that power projects cause the least possible harm to the forests I love and on which the lives of our people are so totally dependent.

But we hear about over large dams being planned for the Northeast. These will surely destroy forests.

Change of guard: Who will become Assam CM if Gogoi becomes vice-president?

But if you consider the sheer potential of hydroelectric power generation in the northeast, we cannot shut this region off and deny the availability of cheap power to the nation. But there has to be a prudent use of our natural resources. You will discover that just a handful of dams can meet the entire requirements of the state.

We could, theoretically, ensure that every family has access to electricity. Our policy is to strike a balance between ecological conservation and development. We should generate enough, not too much. What about the Lower Subansiri dam? Yes, Assam is the state that is likely to suffer the downstream impact. Our primary concern is that our agriculture and our soils must not be damaged either by reduced flows or by sudden large releases during the monsoon. We are also very concerned about the impact on the typical flood plain ecosystem and on the wildlife downstream.

Fortunately, the dam is only just being started and it is not going to have a huge reservoir.

Meet Pradyut Bordoloi

I also know that the Supreme Court too has laid down very stringent conditions, which we are going to monitor closely. I am confident that our genuine concerns will be respected and taken care of by the project authorities.

And if they are not? That is a hypothetical question, which is impossible to answer.

meet pradyut bordoloi india

I repeat, we are in touch with the Hon. Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, the Hon. We have no reason to believe that our concerns are not being addressed. Let us shift focus a bit. Has your life ever been threatened by a wild animal? My constituency is large, sprawling and known for its elephant habitats.

We have as many as 14 reserved forests in our care. On every trip, the thought of an encounter with elephants does cross my mind. Once, on a routine visit in while driving along a single-track dirt road, we came face-to-face with an aggressive male elephant in musth.

meet pradyut bordoloi india

He charged at us and we had to reverse at breakneck speed for three kilometres with virtually no space to manoeuvre the vehicle. I was shaken to the bone. Our vehicle was a write-off. My driver actually got a heart attack and was hospitalised that evening. I have always loved elephants and still do, but never in my life will I take them or their moods for granted.

You were the force behind the highly successful elephant festival held recently. Do you think such events can actually help protect the animal?

meet pradyut bordoloi india