Nightclubs in manchester for over 40s meet

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nightclubs in manchester for over 40s meet

If you have tried singles nights in Manchester but didn't find that it fulfilled your needs and more importantly, meet meet like-minded people looking to have fun. Find Meetups in Manchester, England about Singles Over 40 and meet people in your local community who share your interests. Reviews on Over 40 Crowd Night Clubs in Manchester, NH - Jewel turned into our go to local bar now that we've moved to Manchester. We met ” read more.

Phil Beckett was in Manchester city centre waiting for a taxi after a long night DJing in a city nightclub.

nightclubs in manchester for over 40s meet

This is a kid's world and I am There isn't much I miss about being single or childless, but I do miss dancing. I was in Manchester in the late 80s and early 90s; I spent most Saturday nights during those years in nightclubs.

It was not only because dancing was "a vertical expression of horizontal desire".

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I enjoyed the feeling of liberation dancing gave me. I didn't drink or take drugs so I got my highs from getting down. My days of dancing diminished once I had a girlfriend; nightclubs were replaced by restaurants and Saturday nights dancing in clubs gave way to Saturday nights slumped on the sofa watching Scandinavian dramas. Now I am 40, married and have a baby and the only time my wife and I get to dance is at weddings.

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The only other acceptable place to dance is at a retro-themed club night but the trouble with those is that one has to dance ironically — and for some of us music means more than that. When I heard about Bop Local, my reaction was anticipation and dread. Would it be the answer to my generation's prayers or would it be a bunch of knackered parents gently rocking to Adele while making small talk about sleep regimes and the consistency of their little love's poo as they obsessively clock-watched to check the babysitter wouldn't start charging for overtime?

It didn't take long inside the club to realise that no one was discussing their little darlings. Leo is 57 and still partying furiously.

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Dave is 41 with two young children. You still remember and here you can do it all again but with dodgy knees and a messed-up ankle. And then he gives me a conspiratorial wink.

nightclubs in manchester for over 40s meet

We were always going to have it large. I went to clubs to dance and on the off chance I'd meet girls. The fact that I was spectacularly unsuccessful rarely dampened my hopes for the following week.

Surely a night of clubbing somewhere like Bop Local without that crackle of lust is as pointless as decaffeinated coffee?

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We'd like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Thanks for all the dancing! The first release of free ticketswent in 2 hours, so due to popular demand a 2nd batch is now live!

Have a good great Christmas and heres to another 10 years of partying at Mint! Yep you read that right We would advise that you are on your toes however as this is a one off never to be repeated offer and these will fly out The Mint Lounge doors will open at 10 and we go though until 4. Big Boxing Day Line Up! What an absolute whopping, hands in the air, dance like a loon type of party drops at Mint on Boxing Day!


Reading like a who's who of the old school Looking for somewhere to hold your Xmas bash or maybe somewhere to go after the office party? On November 14th we celebrate 10 years of being the only nightclub destination in Manchester's Northern Quarter! Full list of events: Drop a line to kristian beatready.

On November 14th Mint Lounge hits double figures and turns the ripe old age of 10 years young! Over the course of that weekend we will have plenty in store to help the celebrations go with a whizz, pop bang Main man of teh brand Matthew Boycott-Garnett chatted to God Is In The Tv about what can be expetced from this years event as well as a few bits of history about himself