Olympic time trials swimming live meet

Building a web and mobile app for the US Olympic Swim Trials

olympic time trials swimming live meet

Submit SEARCH. U.S. Paralympics · Sports · Swimming; Results. Events · Team Rosters · Classification · Officials · Resident Program · Coaches · IPC Licensing. Our dedicated pages gives you results for all swim meets in Northern 02, Age Group (PC) • SCY, Winter 14 & Under Junior Olympics (host: PST), Moraga, CA 18, Age Group (Z1S) • SCY, Race to JO Meet Time Trials (host: SCSC MB). Get the latest British Swimming news, swim events and athlete rankings for GB swimmers across all the swimming disciplines.

In order to advance to the Olympics, you need to be in the top two in an individual event breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke, IM or in the top six in freestyle to make it onto the freestyle relay. This means you need to get one of the top two times at this meet in Omaha. Of the top ten times ever recorded by any person in that event, Michael Phelps owns five, and Ryan Lochte owns the other five.

This almost goes without saying, but it is really hard to get to the Olympics. It needed to report results quickly, do cool things with these results, and show news articles of interest, on top of being fast, reliable, web and mobile compatible, and generally not sucky. Over the span of the eight day meet, we saw 1.

Only publish relevant fields to the client! Set up database Indexes! Scale to more machines! We used React because of its performance and the ability to easily reuse widgets across web and mobile. We used Material-ui because it is fast, easy to use, and sleek. Building out the client so that it is fast, sleek, and packed full of useful features.

olympic time trials swimming live meet

Getting the data correctly out of pdfs, into our database, and down to all connected clients. So we made sure to test everything on a crappy phone during development. Using PureRenderMixin I know. We started at the lowest nodes in our react tree and worked our way up, making as many components as we could pure.

If you pass in functions as props with ES6 classesmake sure to bind them beforehand. We also put console. Old school, but effective. Split out subscriptions In many apps, a top level component will subscribe to a bunch of data and display a loading screen while it waits for all of the subscriptions to finish. In order to speed up our app, we render the screen as soon as the minimal number of subscriptions finishes.

Now, you can only see the events once you have clicked on a single session they expand underneath. So why wait for them? We subscribe to the sessions and events separately, and render the widget as soon as sessions subscription finishes.

Olympic Swimming Trials - Michael Phelps Earns Spot In Rio, 5th Games

More round trips to your app server. Expensive DOM operations Whenever you hit one of the result pages, we need a ton of data in order to give the user an awesome experience on that page.

olympic time trials swimming live meet

We need all the athlete documents for each of these results. Each result document is pretty complicated, with an array of splits for that swimmer along with much more information.

This adds up to a decent chunk of data being shipped over the wire. Ship all the data at once. Choice 1 means every time the user clicked on the select box to choose to view a different set of data, there was a decent lag on even the beefy machine I keep talking about. On an average mobile browser, the app felt unresponsive. So we went with choice 2.

2018 Meet Results

Of course, we used the subscription splitting method noted above to simulate the same initial load time that choice 1 would bring. After some digging, we realized this was simply an expensive DOM operation.

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  • Building a web and mobile app for the US Olympic Swim Trials
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In some cases we were asking React to toss expandable list items with touch ripples and many nested divs into the DOM. These state laws change rapidly so you should verify your state educational requirements as well as those at out of state meets.

olympic time trials swimming live meet

Chloe won the m Freestyle 2: Jason won the m IM in a time of 4: I look back at the support and training environment my coaches and Long Island Aquatic Club have provided and I am truly thankful. Making the USA National Junior Team is an accomplishment, not only for myself, but for all the people in my life that have pushed me to believe in dreams I once thought were unobtainable.

For all the young swimmers my belief is that you only regret the chances you don't take.

Live Updates of 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials Standards

I want to thank my coaches, family, friends and teammates for supporting and encouraging me throughout this process. This has been a dream of mine for a long time and I was thrilled to see our goal become reality. Jason won the Men's IM with a time of 4: Isabel placed second in the Women's IM with a 4: As a member of our sport community, you might be asking yourself how this could have happened and what we can do to prevent this from ever happening again.

We - coaches, athletes, parents, officials, volunteers, team leaders, and sport leaders - can commit to prevention and we can commit to speaking up. We can commit to Safe Sport. Safe Sport is something we do, every day on every deck. The key to prevention is to create an environment where all members know the rules, are comfortable talking about them, and are empowered to recognize and report red flag behavior, boundary violations, and misconduct.

How do you create a Safe Sport environment? What does it mean to have a culture of safety?

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How do you 'do' Safe Sport? Set - Direct - Protect Set: Learn how to make your team a Safe Sport team. Use the Safe Sport Team Checklist to know what you already have covered and what else you could be doing to keep kids safe.

olympic time trials swimming live meet

Conduct thorough screening of employees and volunteers.