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Singles: Flirt Up Your Life is a video game developed by German studio Rotobee and published by Deep Silver in It is very similar to The Sims in that the. If Ricky's good at one thing, it's telling people to f*ck off. If you're looking to boost your bird flipping power, let this pack help you out. Bookmark our annual guide and refresh for the latest as THR tracks pilot pickups, season, the broadcast networks are gearing up for a busy pilot season as Inspired by the TV movie and subsequent series starring Teresa Graves .. He tries to rebuild his life post-divorce as a long-distance single father.

You can't just make your two characters hop into bed together from day one.

Let's Play Singles, Flirt Up Your Life Part 1, Moving In

Instead, it'll take a good couple of weeks of game time to work your way up to that. You'll instead have to make your singles eat together, watch TV together, play board games together, flirt, sweet talk, do chores for each other, and generally be civil to each other and little else before their relationship can reach a stage where they're willing to spend the night together.

Even after they do, the game's canned, text-based dialogue in story mode doesn't match up with what has already transpired, which suggests that the characters' relationship hasn't blossomed as well as it would appear, based on what has actually happened. This Sims rip-off certainly looks nice in screenshots, but it has very little variety when you get down to its actual gameplay. In fact, for a game that's set in the real world and presents fairly realistic-looking characters and situations, Singles comes across as surprisingly, mind-numbingly, bafflingly implausible.

Shouldn't hipsters such as these have the desire to leave their apartments at some point for purposes other than work? They can call their friends on the phone, and they can run out to buy gifts for their roommates, but that's the full extent of their interactions with the outside world.

The apartment can never be occupied by more than just the two characters. Furthermore, the sequence of actions that becomes unlocked as your characters' relationship develops doesn't seem to reflect the way in which anyone could plausibly expect such a relationship to blossom.

Flirting suddenly gives way to full-on French kissing in just a couple of days of game time Characters will have long since been sucking on each other's faces for days before they're comfortable with seeing one another in their underwear as well until that point, they'll automatically run away from one another in embarrassment.

Furthermore, characters that are ready to take that all-important step in their relationships literally won't be able to do so unless their apartments are furnished with double beds. So much for raging hormones Also, the game's distinction between "romance" and "sensuality" is perhaps too subtle for our shallow American minds to fathom. As a result, the characters need to have these two separate criteria independently satisfied at all times, as though the two were completely unrelated.

All these types of things conspire to make Singles a truly nonsensical game. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun for a while, and one could probably argue that the nonsensical qualities are to the game's credit. The game itself is simple, and its characters, in practice, all seem to suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder. All you'll really do is make them repeatedly wash their hands, bathe, go to the bathroom, and eat; you'll use any idle time in between to make them flirt and chat and such.

For some reason, they gradually gain "experience points" from all this, which occasionally results in your being able to upgrade one of their abilities like cleaning or flirting, among othersmost of which have no discernible effect on gameplay. Again, on weekdays, characters will waste most of their time offscreen, while supposedly at jobs.

On weekends, you've got two whole days to repeatedly cycle through the same types of actions in an effort to advance the relationships as quickly as possible.

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life Review - GameSpot

All that, in addition to occasionally cleaning the apartment, repairing appliances that break after a certain number of uses, and buying new stuff from a rather paltry selection of mostly meaningless options, constitutes the gameplay in Singles. There isn't much to it, but it does keep you busy since you have two characters to be thinking about. And the game basically controls well, with its fairly intuitive mouse-driven interface. It's easy to move the camera angle around and switch between the two characters instantly, and though you can always pause the game to queue up additional instructions for your characters, it's manageable to do so without having to resort to stopping time.

Only in Singles do slender, attractive women in evening gowns spend their Saturday nights using the Internet. Singles is an easy game, which you'd have to go out of your way to fail, though it's theoretically possible to do so if you purposely neglect your relationships over time.

Singles isn't nearly as interesting as The Sims in this respect, though. Your characters can't die or anything, so don't expect surprising or interesting events to occur if you completely ignore their needs for days on end.

We tried throwing two naked characters into an empty room for several days purely for the sake of experiment, we assure you and were disappointed to find the two of them still blushing at each other--paralyzed--after a week's worth of game time without any food or sleep.

As mentioned, the other thing about Singles is that it's surprisingly tame for a game that's unabashedly all about having sex. For what it's worth, there's no alcohol, smoking, or drug use--or references to any of these things--anywhere in the game.

Then again, you can order your characters to remove all their clothing at any point just by selecting the "naked" option when you make them use a clothes dresser. And, indeed, the game features full-frontal nudity at this point, which explains the Adults Only rating from the ESRB. However, this nudity is presented in an almost clinical fashion.

The interactions between your characters are all very straightforward and are certainly not any more graphic than what you'd find in an R-rated movie. For what it's worth, the graphics in Singles are actually legitimately impressive.

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The game is demanding of a fairly fast system and is bogged down by lengthy loading times and awkward pauses in transition from morning, to day, to dusk, to night. But the fully 3D character models and, to a lesser extent, the environments actually look great. Unlike in The Sims, you're free to manipulate the camera angle as you see fit here.

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