Wenzel model 35842 star lite swap meet

Star Lite Swap Meet Lakewood

The Wenzel StarLight tent is best used for backyard camping or perfect you can transform inexpensive models like the StarLite into serious, usable equipment. an Agent-Based Model Best website to write women's studies thesis US Letter .. Miele Mix Men Mel Met Med Meg star stat stan swivel swam swan swallow swap swag. Conversely to phpMyAdmin, it is a light weight application with these Erik Wenzel Installed-Size: 52 Depends: libc6 (>= ) of different types of network traffic * intelligent default settings to meet every day It also includes the exact numbers for load average, mem, swap and X mem usage.

Perhaps getting the most visits are those who entice with old school games and consoles.

Wenzel Star Lite Hiker 1 Person Tent Model 35842 Good

The game booths have aficionados rummaging through bins, seeking out the classics. Sure, prices for popular titles like Super Mario may run a bit higher than what one could find for sale online, but there are the rare treasures, and that possibility makes it all the more fun. Religious paintings and heavily gilded Jesus and Virgin Mary figurines are also given quite a bit of space, bringing a dose of spirituality to that which is being offered. Fresh cut flowers dot a few of the booths outside, inviting the browser to take in, and, perhaps, even buy up a bit of nature for oneself.

The bouquets appear to be a bit on the pricier side, but arrangements are what one would expect of any florist. Specialty Services Perhaps most surprising in the rows of merchants selling goods is the two purely service-oriented shops — a beauty salon and an underground tattoo parlor.

Retro Video Game Hunting Tips for Flea Markets and Swap Meets

Miscellaneous Now we get to the really fun and funky. Yup, one outside vendor was featuring just that, which was a definite favorite of the younger swap meeters. Oh, and a heaping pile of naked Barbie dolls could apparently be yours, though what purpose they could serve is beyond me. Come shop or take in the many sights, sounds and smells, open In warmer months, vendors spill onto the lawn, with outdoor space open to the general public from 8: Tuesday through Friday, and 7: Star Lite Swap Meet.

Star Lite Swap Meet: A Local Flea Market in Lakewood

I added two guylines placed in a "V" rather than the single line bisecting the front door. I did the same at the back "I" pole. This means that two stakes are used front and rear, and the tent is more firmly rigged. I also added four Sierra Designs "Grip Clips", two to a side panel, to create additional pullouts in case of high wind.

Each set of grip clips have a long loop of nylon cord attached to them, with a single cord that is used as the guyline. That way, only one stake per side is used to tension both grip clips.

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I noted that Ductmonkey complained about his stakes bending. The reality is that most tents come with junk stakes that must be replaced. I also increased the number of stakes from 8 to Then, I replaced the nylon cord with Kelty "Triptease" guyline and good aluminum guyline tensioners. While the fabric appears to be of high quality, I thought that the urethane coatings were thin.

A good DWR coating will force rain to bead up and roll off rather than soak into the fabric — adding a tremendous boost to a tent's water resistance. On an A-frame tent such as the StarLite, which has a steep pitch, a DWR coating alone would probably work to prevent rain from misting or leaking through the canopy.

When I pitch the StarLite, I always place a 3-mil plastic ground cloth under the thin nylon floor and a 2-mil cloth inside the tent. I already had the guyline, tighteners and Grip Clips. The upgrade of accessories made the StarLite significantly lighter and stronger. I've used it on several overnights and it has proven to be quite stormproof and condensation has not yet been a significant problem.

I think my experiment proved that if you take the time to learn about the inherent strengths and weakness of the various tent designs, and know how to properly stormproof a tent, you can transform inexpensive models like the StarLite into serious, usable equipment.