When we meet jesus face to

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when we meet jesus face to

Time's inexorable march sweeps us day by day, year by year, into the future. But somewhere in that future you will surely meet Jesus face to face. There's no single person in the Bible who met Jesus with a problem and walked Now he has come face-to-face with Jesus and will not require a middleman. Some day I, like every genuine Christian, will meet Jesus face to face. Today as we continue our journey through 1 John we will be looking at.

There is a joyful expectation as we contemplate this event. Those first two words are important. Think about how God has called us to be His children. He has adopted us into His family and has actually made us His sons and daughters. This process is accomplished through faith in Jesus and spiritual rebirth, as we are born of God, born again. What a magnificent reality. Many like to think that everybody is a child of God.

when we meet jesus face to

God is the Father and we are all brothers and sisters. Yes, God is the Creator of every human being, and in that sense, we might call Him the Father of all. We know that when He appears, we will be like Him because we will see Him as He is. In some ways, we are like an orphan girl waiting to meet the parents who have chosen to adopt her. Yes, God has written to us and told us about Himself in the Bible. He has sent us a priceless gift, the Holy Spirit.

So, in a very real way God is already with us. Yet, one day, one day, we will actually meet God. We will see Jesus Christ. Another analogy the New Testament uses also helps. Jesus is the bridegroom. We are the bride. The custom in some cultures is that the groom and bride meet each other for the first time on the wedding day. Because some of you have had bad experiences on blind dates, it might sound a little scary to marry someone you have not seen before.

when we meet jesus face to

Yet, this is a case where the bride, even though she has never seen the groom, is certain he is more wonderful than she can ever imagine. The delight of simply being in his presence will be beyond her wildest dreams. Thus, as she awaits her wedding day, this bride is full of joy. Friends, we should be filled with joy as well, no matter what else is happening, because we know that our wedding day is coming. And we can be sure it will be the happiest day we can ever imagine.

Number two, knowing we will one day meet Jesus also fills us with hope. Keep in mind the biblical idea of hope is not just wishing that good things will happen. Rather it is a confident expectation of what God would do in the future.

Friends, this is one of the most marvelous statements in the whole Bible.

What will it be like to meet Jesus? 'Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe'

This is the time when finally, we will be like Him, we will be like Jesus Christ. Will we look like Jesus? Will we talk like Him? Will we have the same power Jesus demonstrated when He was on earth or that He has now in heaven? The New Testament is clear, especially in 1 Corinthians 15, that when we meet the Lord Jesus we will have glorified or resurrected bodies. Some think they will be the white shimmering bodies that angels are portrayed as having.

Be Ready to Meet Jesus

He apparently walked through closed doors to appear to His disciples. The Bible makes it clear that these new bodies will have no imperfections. There will be no need for glasses, braces or canes. These bodies will be free from aches, pains, warts and even scars. Yes, there will, I think, be some continuity between our current bodies and our future ones.

Various individual distinctions will probably be maintained. Yet, I can assure you that each of us will be good looking! I encourage you to look back at the post if you doubt, but just know that not only does God want it, He longs for it.

God wants His people to pursue Him. He longs for our intimacy. Jesus came to bring reconciliation between God and man, so that nothing would hinder us from being with Him. It was to bring you and me into the presence of God 1 Peter 3: This will take time set aside from other things. It is actively being still and focusing your mind Psalm Here are a few other helpful tips: We are fearful of being led astray or deceiving ourselves.

I am not suggesting coming up with new doctrines or making life altering decisions, just trust God. It is impossible to please God without faith Hebrews Journaling is a great safety net. Ask God to lead your time, and then by faith just write what comes to your mind.

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Then you can write for as long as God give you something without stopping to think if it was from God or not. Confess to God you are a sinner. Repent of your sin, which simply means that you are willing to stop sinning and turn away from it with His help. Ask God to cleanse and forgive you of your sin through the blood of Jesus Christ shed at the cross. Do not go on feelings or emotions. Prayer is just talking to God. Be sure to make time each day to talk to Him about your daily activities, quickly confessing to Him when you do something wrong, asking for His help and thanking Him when He gives it.

Remember, God loves you! He is now your Father and you are His child. He longs to hear from you through prayer. In prayer you are speaking to God, but through the Bible, God will speak to you.

when we meet jesus face to