Where 2 oceans meet alaska

'Two oceans meet but don’t mix': What does this viral video really show?

where 2 oceans meet alaska

Jun 9, In the middle of Gulf of Alaska, two water bodies Pacific Ocean and Berring sea meet but do not mix that results in the growing of froth at their. Dec 3, The Gulf of Alaska where two oceans meet: Wondering what's the reason behind two oceans in gulf meeting but not mixing? Scientific. When two or more bodies of water meet, like rivers, it's called a confluence. This occurs 2. Confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers (Canyonlands National Park, UT, USA) The Gulf of Alaska, where two oceans meet, but do not mix!.

11 Incredible Points In The World Where Major Bodies Of Water Join Together

So to find the original video, we have to start with the process of elimination: Find the first time this video appeared online. To do this, click on "Tools" at the top of your Google search, then "Time" and then click on a "Custom range" date period.

where 2 oceans meet alaska

By using this tool, we can narrow down the results year by year — and if you go back toyou can see that there are only two results for that year, one of which is a YouTube video. This clearer, better-quality video published online in July shows exactly the same scene. Entitled, "When the river meets the ocean," it indicates that it was taken on the Fraser River in British Columbia in Canada.

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Maryan Pearson, who posted the video, says she took it when she was aboard a ferry between Duke Point and Vancouver. What explains the strange sight?

The Place Where Two Oceans Meet - The Gulf of Alaska

This case is similar to a photo published in that claimed to show the exact spot where the Pacific and the Atlantic meet. The photo was actually taken in by Ken Bruland, a researcher at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who was studying the phenomenon in the Gulf of Alaska. As you can see in these stunning pictures, confluences take place all over the world and create some beautiful scenery with the distinct colors they display.

where 2 oceans meet alaska

These color differences are determined by what debris, silt, vegetation or chemicals the water caries, which clearly contrast the river they join into.

The two rivers meet in Canyonlands National Park in Utah. It carries less sediment than the Ohio River, giving it a greener tinge.

The Ohio River is the largest tributary of the Mississippi and contains high levels of sediment, turning it a brown color.

Gulf Of Alaska, Where Two Oceans Meet But Never Mix

They are both major rivers of Northern India, and the Alaknanda travels miles through the Alaknanda Valley before meeting the dam filled and turbulent Bhagirathi River in Deyprayag. Despite its name, the Rio Negro is not technically black, but does harbor a very dark color.

where 2 oceans meet alaska

When it meets the Rio Solimoes, which is the name given to the upper stretches of the Amazon River in Brazil, the two rivers meet side by side without mixing. There certainly is a stark contrast between the deep colored Rio Negro and the sandy hued Amazon River. It supports plenty of fish life and is distinguished be clear colored water, much cleaner than the Yangtze River of which it feeds into.

where 2 oceans meet alaska

The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and is very culturally and historically important to the country. Unfortunately, its suffered industrial pollution in recent years, which is what gives it its brown color.