Relationship between caffeine heart disease and cancer

relationship between caffeine heart disease and cancer

A nonlinear relationship of coffee consumption with CVD risk was identified (P for . due to all causes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer in Japanese women. Here, we examine the link between coffee and cancer. all causes and a lower risk of heart disease, liver disease, and Parkinson's disease. A significant inverse association of caffeine intake with breast cancers was . hypercholesterolemia, type 2 diabetes mellitus, or cardiovascular diseases.

For studies that presented data separately on both coronary heart disease and stroke, we combined the results as indicated by Hamling et al. For each study, the median or mean coffee consumption within each exposure interval was assigned the corresponding relative risk.

Coffee and cancer: What are the risks?

When median or mean consumption per category was not reported, we assigned the midpoint of the upper and lower boundaries for each category as the average consumption. If the upper bound for the highest category was not provided, we assumed that the category had the same amplitude as the adjacent one.

relationship between caffeine heart disease and cancer

Statistical analysis We performed a 2-stage random-effects dose-response meta-analysis to examine a potential nonlinear relationship between coffee consumption and 3 different outcomes: In the first stage, a restricted cubic spline model with 2 spline transformations 3 knots minus 1 was fitted taking into account the correlation within each set of published relative risks 14 We calculated an overall P value by testing that the 2 regression coefficients were simultaneously equal to zero.

We calculated a P value for nonlinearity by testing that the coefficient of the second spline was equal to zero We excluded from the main analysis those studies that did not report the number of subjects total number of deaths and total cohort size or total number of deaths and person-years of follow-up in order to avoid biases in the estimates for the variances We considered the excluded studies in a sensitivity analysis.

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We performed stratified analysis by study location, sex, type of smoking adjustment smoking status, categories of cigarette smoking, or number of cigarettes smoked per day continuous variableand alcohol adjustment.

Statistical heterogeneity was further quantified through the multivariate generalization of the I2 statistic Publication bias was assessed with Egger's regression test All statistical analyses were conducted with the dosresmeta 20 and metafor 21 packages in R R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria P values less than 0.

relationship between caffeine heart disease and cancer

Of the 91 publications selected, 61 were not included, for at least one of the following reasons: The reference lists of the remaining 30 articles were checked to obtain other pertinent publications, and 2 additional reports were identified. We further excluded 11 studies: The Supplementary Data details the reasons for exclusion of individual studies.

Can coffee cause cancer?

Selection of studies for inclusion in a meta-analysis of coffee consumption and mortality from all causes, cardiovascular disease, and all cancers, — View large Download slide Selection of studies for inclusion in a meta-analysis of coffee consumption and mortality from all causes, cardiovascular disease, and all cancers, — Eighteen studies provided estimates for all-cause mortality 23 — 4016 provided estimates for CVD mortality 2324262729303233353638 — 43and 9 provided estimates for all-cancer mortality 242830323336 — 38 Three studies 232426 did not provide confidence intervals for the adjusted relative risks but reported sufficient data to back-calculate them.

Three studies 353842 provided results for coronary heart disease and stroke mortality separately.

relationship between caffeine heart disease and cancer

Drinking coffee in the evening can disrupt sleep, and a good night's sleep is essential for health. It might be beneficial to replace coffee with a decaffeinated version or a herbal tea later in the day.

Coffee and Cardiovascular Disease

Should people drink less coffee? Roasted coffee beans contain some acrylamide. Coffee drinkers can avoid this chemical by choosing unroasted coffee beans, although these do taste very different. A variety of unroasted coffees are available to purchase online.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advise that children or adolescents do not consume products that contain caffeine.

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Doctors generally also suggest that women who are pregnant or breast-feeding limit their caffeine consumption. However, the guidelines on this vary and can be difficult to follow because coffee strength differs too. People trying to limit their coffee intake may wish to seek medical advice or cut out coffee and other caffeinated products completely. If a person wants to reduce the amount of coffee that they drink, they should do so slowly. Cutting down on caffeine can cause headaches.