Relationship between curriculum and instruction ppt

Relationship Between Curriculum and Instruction

relationship between curriculum and instruction ppt

Models of Curriculum Instruction Relationship. Dualistic model. Interlocking model. Concentric model. Cyclical model. Curriculum as a Discipline. Significant set. Curriculum vs Instruction. Curriculum is a concept that has gained a lot of importance these days. It happens to be the 'what' of education as the. Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) is a field within education which seeks to research, develop, and implement curriculum changes that increase student.

Relationship Between Curriculum and Instruction

There are obvious differences between curriculum and instruction that will be highlighted in this article. What is a Curriculum?

Curriculum is a very broad based concept that different educators and teachers choose to define differently. There is a consensus, however, that it is the content of the course that has to be taught by the teachers in a particular manner that forms the curriculum in a course of study.

The content of a course is decided by the authorities who are ultimately bound by the policies of the government and the legislation passed by the government in this regard. Teacher is the medium through which a curriculum gets delivered in the manner in which it is intended.

relationship between curriculum and instruction ppt

Curriculum is provided to teachers in the form of text. It is a roadmap, a guide as to what to deliver to the students and in what manner. The speed at which a teacher has to go to let the students absorb the content of the course in an optimum manner is also provided along with the curriculum.

Curriculum and Instruction Update

All the subjects that comprise a course according to a grade in a school are collectively referred to as curriculum. It is like the skeleton or the framework of a structure that defines what is to be taught to the students. There is significant debate in the educational system regarding what the curriculum should be. Is academic knowledge facts and theory more important than technical knowledge practical and applied?

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In a specific sense, is English and History more important than shop class and home economics? Throughout history, the educational system has also been used as a socializing agent whereby students are indoctrinated into a belief and value system.

In these cases, school is used as a social change agent. The curriculum is designed in order to mold students thinking in areas such as ethnicity, religion, a shared national myth and many different agendas including: In these cases the curriculum is created to ignore or minimize facts, technique, and practical learning and is written in such a manner that the affective, moral and ethical aspects of thought are targeted. Instruction refers to the way in which the content will be delivered.

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There are various questions that educators consider in order to design instruction. In other words educators need to discern who their student audience is in order to tailor the instruction to best suit their needs and socio-economic situation.

relationship between curriculum and instruction ppt

In other words, what exactly do I want my students to learn and who will they show that they have learned it? If this step is not conducted then "education" will simply be one day after another of random events, readings and quizzes that are not connected to any plan. Teachers must ask themselves what environment they should create and what learning experiences they should design in order to best teach the information.

Should students read the information, memorize it, do research, make a presentation, build something, be involved in a debate, etc.

relationship between curriculum and instruction ppt