Relationship between feroze gandhi and mahatma

Nehru-Khan-Gandhi dynasty

relationship between feroze gandhi and mahatma

Feroze Gandhi was an Indian politician and journalist. He served as the publisher of The Relations, See Nehru–Gandhi family Being inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, Feroze changed the spelling of his surname from "Ghandy" to " Gandhi". Thus, Feroze Khan became Feroze Gandhi. Though Mahatma belonged to Bania /Gandhi caste (a business tribe) the proposal was acceptable to Nehru for. Priyanka Gandhi with her kids Indira Gandhi, Vintage India, Mahatma Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi - Indira Love blossomed and both agreed to take their relationship ahead after six years of dating.

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On 21 JulyIndira wrote to Dorothy Norman: On the domestic front, Feroze has always resented my very existence, but since I have become President he exudes such hostility that it seems to poison the air.

Unfortunately he and his friends are friendly with some of our ministers and an impossible situation is being created.

This movement is not petering out as Communists claim but gathering momentum. The women, whom I have been trying to organise for years, had always refused to come into politics.

Now they are out in the field. Over have been arrested. I have heard that in Europe and perhaps in America my father is being blamed for not taking any action. Their first son Rajiv was born in in Bombay. I cannot write much in a letter but you would be surprised that some of the ministers whom we had considered the most anti-Communist are now supporting the Communist government of Kerala.

My father cannot go against the wishes of the Home Minister, for instance.

relationship between feroze gandhi and mahatma

It is a very ticklish situation. Ultimately Nehru, basically weak as he was, caved in to his daughter and did it her way. Many years later, aroundshe was interviewed by Emmanuel Pouchpadass, her biographer. My recollection is that Mr Namboodiripad, who was the chief minister, did make a statement to the effect that the law and order situation was not entirely in their control, there was a strong public demand for a change of government. But it could never have been done had the Central Government not been willing.

I did go to Kerala and I did report on the situation.

relationship between feroze gandhi and mahatma

My own opinion would not have changed things. The fact is that my father probably was not happy about the situation.

relationship between feroze gandhi and mahatma

I know Feroze was not happy about it. Feroze and Indira Gandhiat teh breakfast table with Jawaharlal Nehru.

Nehru–Gandhi family

It was at thsi table that Feroze once accused his wife of being a fascist. Unknown source Feroze was furious, to say the least. He fought her with all means, through the press, via other politicians and face-to-face with her over the breakfast table at Teen Murti. According to Janardan Thakur, well-known political correspondent: He thought it was undemocratic to dismiss an elected government, whether it was a communist government or otherwise.

The issue had come up at breakfast table at Teen Murti, and there had been quite a row between Indira and Feroze, with Nehru looking on very distressed. You are a fascist. But even after losing the battle, Feroze nonetheless continued the struggle for democratic principles. For the next turn of events that happened was that the Congress under the presidency of his wife made the situation even worse to ensure that the Communists could not return to power.

The Congress made an electoral and political alliance with the Indian Union Muslim League and other disputable elements in Kerala. Feroze after his first heart attack together with sons Rajiv and Sanjay.

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I really do not know what it all means. We are going to have and we will have alliances with the Muslim League, with the leaders of caste, casteism. Where is the Congress? Where are the principles of the Congress? Are we going to be dictated by a caste monster we have produced?

Has the Congress organization come to this level?

Feroze Gandhi

Has it fallen so low that we are going to be dictated [to] by communal elements, by leaders of caste and by those who can enthuse religious feelings into people and create situations where we get caught? Sir, tomorrow, if this is allowed to continue and this policy is allowed to work, we might as well have alliances with the Jana Sangh and we might as well have alliances with hundreds of other parties.

If this instrument is not destroyed, this instrument is going to destroy us. That is all that I have to say. He later served as Governor of several Indian states and was an adviser to his cousin Indira Gandhi.

Sarup Nehru, wife of Balwant Kumar Nehru. He was a politician and union minister during the s. Rajiv Gandhi —eldest son of Indira and Feroze Gandhi. He became the 7th Prime Minister of India after Indira's death. Sanjay Gandhi —second son of Indira and Feroze Gandhi. He was also one of the most trusted lieutenants of his mother during the s and was widely expected to succeed his mother as Prime Minister of India.

But met with an untimely death in a plane crash. She was born in Italy and took Indian citizenship, 11 years after marrying Rajiv Gandhi. She was the President of the Indian National Congress from to and has served as the Chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance since She is a noted environmentalist and animal welfare activist.

She is a prominent member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. She has served as a cabinet minister in four governments. Subhadra Nehru, wife of Arun Nehru.

relationship between feroze gandhi and mahatma

The non-charismatic non-leaders of Congress I party handed over the reins of the party to reluctant Sonia, who now leads the Congress party and soon will lead the Indian Union.

The Nehru-Khan-Gandhi dynasty, revived by Sonia Gandhi, swept back to power with vengeance in elections after a brief vacation of about 15 years. A new generation of Gandhis arrives to save ailing party from disaster at the polls.

relationship between feroze gandhi and mahatma

Sonia Gandhi 55 inducted her son Rahul 34 and daghter Priyanka 33 into politics and they actively participated and won in the recent elections. A calcified, out-of-touch, visionless and nepotistic dynasty is poised once again to lead and the dynasty rule continues in the world's largest democracy, albeit with fresh and young Indo-Italian genes having Brahmin-Christian-Muslim-Parsi blood with charming faces and charisma which no other Indian can claim.

Sonia Gandhi's rise from a small-town in postwar Italy to modern India is a story of love, death and dynasty, culminating in the most sensational victory of an Italian middle class woman ever to become the kingmaker in the Indian Union of a billion people.


She will run the country from behind scenes as she installs Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of the Indian Unionto avert a brewing foreigner-crisis and save the country.