Relationship between whelk and cockle

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relationship between whelk and cockle

haviour of intertidal whelks were investigated in moribund animals was the main activity of whelks. .. difference in aggregation sizes for the other cockle. The feeding rate and behaviour of whelks (Buccinum undatum) and the position of the whelk in relation to the cockle during the attack. In short order added to the menu were winkles, whelks, cockles, . Behind the French Menu's links include hundreds of words, names, and.

View large Download slide A sequence of still images captured from time-lapse video recordings of Buccinum undatum attacking a Cerastoderma edule. The foot of the B. The whelk is not positioned on top of the C. The position of the operculum shows that it is the posterior end of the whelk's foot which is visible arrow.

The end of the foot which is attached to the other side of the cockle and cannot be seen is the region of the foot closest to the tentacle.

The foot of the whelk is extended, holding the cockle with its foot arrow away from the whelk shell. The position of the foot has not changed because the operculum position remains unchanged. The shell of B.

relationship between whelk and cockle

The whelk's shell lip arrow is not near the cockle's shell margin. Access to the cockle flesh has been successful as the cockle shell is gaping slightly open arrow. Nielsen reported that cockle size may influence the method used by B. The number of C. Although the average size of the cockles eaten was significantly and positively correlated with whelk size, it is unlikely that B. If size selective predation had been employed, then whelks would have been expected to optimize prey size based upon net energy return when offered a wide size range of cockles.

Instead, an opportunistic feeding strategy was observed where the first cockle encountered was consumed and this resulted in the observed wide size range of cockles being attacked and eaten. Emergence from the sediment to search for potential bivalve prey would expose the whelks to the attention of predatory crabs and fishes and increase their risk of being eaten.

relationship between whelk and cockle

An opportunistic feeding strategy, however, would rely on chance encounters with potential prey as the whelks plough through the sediment thus reducing the time exposed on the sediment surface to potential predators. The filmed sequences of feeding behaviour showed B. The liquor produced can be kept if required for use in bottling or canning.

Cool the mussels quickly by water spray to prevent toughening of the meat. The meats are removed from the now open shells, usually by hand, and the beard or byssus pulled out.

relationship between whelk and cockle

One bushel of whole mussels should yield from 6 to 9 pounds of cooked meats. Percentage yield by weight may range from about 8 per cent to as high as 20 per cent of the whole mussels.

Wash the meats in clean fresh water, but do not leave them soaking in water or they will lose flavour and appear less attractive. The meats are now ready either for marketing as they are, or for further processing - they can be frozen, smoked, bottled or canned.

Each of these processes is described fully below. Freezing and Cold Storage of Mussels There are no technical difficulties in preserving cooked mussel meats for long periods by freezing and cold storage; it is uneconomic to freeze the live mussel in shell. The clean, cooked meats may be packed in a variety of containers before freezing, for example waxed cartons or polythene bags, or may be frozen unwrapped and packed or glazed afterwards.

Mussel meats lend themselves equally well to either the plate freezing or the air blast freezing process, since the meats are small and provide good surface contact with the cooling medium. Bottled Mussels Mussels packed in glass are usually pickled either in brine or vinegar solution; they may or may not be heat processed.

The following method is a suitable one for bottling mussels in spiced vinegar: The solution may acquire a bluish tinge during this time, but this does not affect the flavour of the product.

Cockle (bivalve)

The meats are then packed into glass jars and covered with spiced vinegar that has been diluted with an equal quantity of water. The jars are then sealed. If the meats are to be heat processed, a 5 oz. These are generally served with a plate of French fries, chips and f resh mayonnaise on the side. If the fries and mayonnaise are not included, then order them separately to make this dish perfect.


Bulots Mayonnaise- Whelks served with fresh mayonnaise. Toasted ravioli stuffed with whelks and served with a sweet and spicy sauce. A serving plate with seafood.

relationship between whelk and cockle

In France plateaus de fruits de mer can be amazing creations. Some come with two or three stories overflowing with the wonders of the sea. A plate of fresh seafood, Northern pink shrimp. The sauce is a favorite with fish and shellfish, poultry and veal tongue.

French menus often include the name of the bowl or pan used in the preparation of a dish. Here shellfish and whelks from Normandy have been cooked together. Coquillages is one of the French words for seafood. Cassolletes are not to be confused with cassoulets. Cassoulets are an extensive group of tasty and heavy winter stews that mostly originated in the historical province of Languedoc.

relationship between whelk and cockle