Ang mga kaibigan ni mama susan ending relationship

Ang mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan by Bob Ong: A Book Review – A Book Bore in Timbuktu

ang mga kaibigan ni mama susan ending relationship

Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan (Mama Susan's Friends) is a mystery novel by Filipino and the leader of a religious group in their province. She is sick when Galo returns to her home and she dies near the end of the story. In Ang mga kaibigan ni Mama Susan (which roughly translates as Mama Susan's and his relationship with his Aunt Auring and Uncle Dindo, which is this makes for a good ending, sadly, it makes the story difficult to follow. Ang Mga Kaibigan Ni Mama Susan. Gift Wrap Available. Be the first to review this Isang mag-aaral, isang talaarawan. Isang matanda, maraming kaibigan.

Book Review: Ang mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan By Bob Ong

The topics of his work ranges from the everyday life of Filipinos to societal and political commentaries. I like how his books portray Filipinos dark and good side in a very readable form. The variety in the books that he writes allows him to cater to a much larger audience.

The book is written in a journal format and is written in Tagalog like all his other books. Manasala, a teenager who was forced to live with his relatives in the city to study because his biological parents failed to recognize and do their obligations for him. The journal is his project for a class where they were ask by their professor to keep one, put entries to it everyday about the things that they do and they have to submit it at the end of the semester.

Book Review: Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan

The diary was supposed to only last that semester but since he already became used to writing to it, he decided to continue writing. It was his grandmother who raised him before Galo moved to the city.

Nothing amazing seems to happen to his everyday life in the city as we follow him juggle life between school and home. This is where weird things start happening. Galo was thrusts in an island far different from what he used to know. The people acts so weirdly. The noise and crowd that he became used to in the city were changed to the sounds of insects and animals roaming around.

It appeared that the town did not improve despite being away for how many years. He learned that the town stayed backwards as they rejected technology and innovation to come to their shores. It became this isolated and mysterious island who does not want to welcome civilization. He also meet this two children and one of them sees ghosts.

ang mga kaibigan ni mama susan ending relationship

Secrets were revealed and past events were uncovered. Before he questions his sanity, he decided to leave the island but will his will be stronger than the forces that wants him to stay?

ang mga kaibigan ni mama susan ending relationship

I found it cute because personally, I love writing journals and from this premise alone, I already associated myself with the book whatever might be written there. The first journals introduced the protagonist as a male college student. The time setting was difficult to determine at first although the journal date was Galo, the protagonist, apparently wrote his journals as a school project.

However, towards the end of the story, Galo actually liked the idea of writing and at some point could be commended as slightly good at it. Based from his entries, it could be depicted that he was struggling with life as a college student living with relatives. His parents abandoned him and he grew up with his grandmother in Tarmanes, a distant province, where much of the story evolved later on.

His uncle and his family were fairly kind but despite this fact, it is understandable that Galo still felt embarrassed to ask for help when his funds were running low. In between his routinary student life, Galo also experienced of haunting dreams about an eerie old woman with black skin and unseen face.

ang mga kaibigan ni mama susan ending relationship

By and by, Galo received message from Tarmanes that his grandmother was terribly ill. This was the horrendous part of the story.

My Thoughts About Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan by Bob Ong (Book Review #) – BONGBONGBOOKS

So I was a little surprised when at the end, Mama Susan had to condemn him about abandoning a girl after impregnating her among other bad behaviours. Over all, there were too many questions left after reading this book. The very ending itself left me hanging. Incredible, I thought as I checked cautiously for subsequent pages. But since it was, I thought instead that I might have missed something and started reading the book all over again. A few pages through, I realized perhaps there were no hidden clues just like with other stories that you understand better at second reading.

Mga kaibigan ni Mama Susan by Bob Ong (summary)

It was just that, plain and simple. That is how it is with this book being good or bad depending on the reader and I think it is better than having to be read at all, and then unconsciously buried and forgotten.

ang mga kaibigan ni mama susan ending relationship

Besides the ending, the title of the book made me question why and how. Halfway through at first reading, I kept waiting for any mention of Mama Susan and her friends. And the overall message which Bob Ong might want to convey had been a difficult point for me.

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Mama Susan and her friends talked about the defects of modern religions but their traditional idea of religion itself was equally sordid if not worst.

If Mama Susan indeed wants Galo to learn about righteous living, in my opinion, she failed. A mistake could not be righted by another mistake.

Bob Ong’s Ang Mga Kaibigan Ni Mama Susan | Memoirs of a Sassy Girl

And I could not totally agree with the idea that to counteract total dependence on technology, people must oppose to all kinds of civilization and comforts in living. I say, that the development of knowledge was there for a purpose. If man would not become prisoners of greed and learn to keep in mind that he is above the technology he created, then advancement need not be viewed as evil.