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ALL PLAYERS MUST PUT THE NAVCARD FROM BURIED INTO TRANZIT . YOU CAN END THE GAME AFTER YOU RECIEVE THE. This Richtofen also appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, in the ending . recieved by Germany and his close-relationship with his assistant Sophia. .. Richtofen's soul in a zombie's body in Buried (after Mined Games; Ludvig Maxis side). Buried Achievement Analysis: The Truth About Maxis What if we get Mined Games for completing the Easter Egg in .. It would make sense that the O4 would be in the last map to end it with a bang. . Whilst I think that this could be the last step for the N4 in relation to Maxis/Richtofen's plan, I don't think.

Outside The Candy Store: Targets - 20 This area has targets appear on the balcony of the General Storeon the middle barricade, and inside the Candy Store windows. The best place to stand is between the Candy Store and Courthouse, with the large rock on your right. This area has less targets than two of the Areas. It can be difficult because there is not a good place to stand and see all the targets at once, without getting far away. The Mystery Box Area: Targets - 22 Targets appear on building on the Sheriff side of the street.

The best place to stand is on top of the balcony over the Bank. This area has more targets than most of the other areas. The targets are relatively easy to hit, but you will have four targets appear at the end and a limited time to hit them. Source Strategy For Completing This Step This step can be frustrating since it only takes one player to miss one target. Ammo can become an issue if this has to be redone too many times.

In order to complete this quickly follow this easy strategy. Have the Giant hold a crawler Pick a gun that has good accuracy and a large clip. You don't want to have to reload too often. Picking a wall gun will allow you to continue to buy ammo. I prefer the AN for Sharpshooter. Each player picks an area, and knows the number of targets that will appear in that area. Make the wish, but don't shoot. Just watch and count the targets.

Make sure your count matches the total target count.

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When you find a body you will see "Press X to search body". Press and hold X for about 3 seconds, if you are lucky, One of the 4 bodies contains a switch. Locations of known bodies so far. They change each time. No bodies in Mansion As far as I know. If you fail to retrieve the switch you have to either wait for a new max ammo or hit the box until you get monkeys and re-obtain time bomb again.

You can use Leroy and feed him candy to re-roll drops in the bank to max ammo. Takes about few tries. Add The Switch Once you find the switch, attach it to the Guillotine.

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Richtofen will tell you to go to the maze. Colored Switches Richtofen tells you to activate the switch in a certain order.

Once you enter the maze outside the mansion, You will see 4 switches on the gates in the maze colored Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Find all 4 switches, and start activating it in random order. If you see a spark on the switch then you know it is in that position for the correct order. You want all 4 to spark and then Richtofen will talk.

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If you hit green 4th and you see sparks then You are rest assured that Green is 4th in the right combination. If you fail to see any sparks, all of you must use the broken fountain in the center of maze to teleport back and re-enter the maze and restart this step. Remember to keep track of combinations so you don't repeat them again. Sharpshooter Make-A-Wish Richtofen will tell you to make a wish.

Go to the fountain next to church, hold X to make a wish. There are 4 areas in the map where targets appear. You need to shoot all the targets in all 4 areas before they disappear. If you miss a shot that's fine shoot again, just be sure to get the target before it disappear.

Each target spawns with a blue flash and stays for about seconds. If you fail retry this step again by making a wish.

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Try target finder attachment by pack a punching AN94 or PDW if you are really struggling and nothing else works not confirmed. You can also use Paralyzer or Petrifier. Inside the Saloon 19 targets Around the Candy Shop 20 targets Around Juggernog 22 targets Left side of the mansion 23 targets After you hit the last target and the music ends you will receive all perks and the achievement.