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dd relationship definition wikipedia

ESA allows to leverage Wikipedia knowledge by defining relationships C are one to one associated to documents D D fd1 ;d2 ;;d ng (the Wikipedia articles). DD is a character that appears in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. . When DD's relationship has been maxed out, the player has the option to customize. Daddy Dom / Little Girl. DDLG, or dd/lg, is a relationship in which one person is the caregiver or "daddy" and the other is childlike. It is NOT a relationship.

If the CT scan does not show a bleed, a lumbar puncture should be done to look for blood in the CSF, as the CT scan can be falsely negative and subarachnoid hemorrhages can be fatal.

dd relationship definition wikipedia

If there are signs of infection such as fever, rash, or stiff neck, a lumbar puncture to look for meningitis should be considered. If there is jaw claudication and scalp tenderness in an older person, a temporal artery biopsy to look for temporal arteritis should be performed and immediate treatment should be started. Old headaches[ edit ] The US Headache Consortium has guidelines for neuroimaging of non-acute headaches.

If a person has the characteristic symptoms of a migraine, neuroimaging is not needed as it is very unlikely the person has an intracranial abnormality. New headaches[ edit ] All people who present with red flags indicating a dangerous secondary headache should receive neuroimaging.

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Non-contrast CT is best for identifying an acute head bleed. Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI is best for brain tumors and problems in the posterior fossaor back of the brain. Sudden onset headache or worst headache of life CT of head without contrast, Computed Tomography Angiography of head and neck with contrast, Magnetic Resonance Angiography of head and neck with and without contrast, MRI of head without contrast Lumbar puncture[ edit ] A lumbar puncture is a procedure in which cerebral spinal fluid is removed from the spine with a needle.

A lumbar puncture is necessary to look for infection or blood in the spinal fluid. A lumbar puncture can also evaluate the pressure in the spinal column, which can be useful for people with idiopathic intracranial hypertension usually young, obese women who have increased intracranial pressureor other causes of increased intracranial pressure. In most cases, a CT scan should be done first. One of the first published attempts was in It contains explicit operational diagnostic criteria for headache disorders.

The first version of the classification, ICHD-1, was published in The current revision, ICHD-2, was published in The top, one-digit diagnostic level includes 14 headache groups.

The first four of these are classified as primary headaches, groups as secondary headaches, cranial neuralgiacentral and primary facial pain and other headaches for the last two groups. The daily-persistent headaches along with the hypnic headache and thunderclap headaches are considered primary headaches as well.

Secondary headaches are classified based on their cause and not on their symptoms. Headaches caused by cranial or cervical vascular disorders such as ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attacknon-traumatic intracranial hemorrhage, vascular malformations or arteritis are also defined as secondary headaches.

This type of headaches may also be caused by cerebral venous thrombosis or different intracranial vascular disorders.

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Other secondary headaches are those due to intracranial disorders that are not vascular such as low or high pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid pressure, non-infectious inflammatory disease, intracranial neoplasm, epileptic seizure or other types of disorders or diseases that are intracranial but that are not associated with the vasculature of the central nervous system.

ICHD-2 classifies headaches that are caused by the ingestion of a certain substance or by its withdrawal as secondary headaches as well.

This type of headache may result from the overuse of some medications or by exposure to some substances. Fergusson College, Pune[ edit ] Marxism cannot, even on the grounds of political expediency or party solidarity, be reduced to a rigid formalism like mathematics.

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Nor can it be treated as a standard technique such as work on an automatic lathe. The material, when it is present in human society, has endless variations; the observer is himself part of the observed population, with which he interacts strongly and reciprocally.

This means that the successful application of the theory needs the development of analytical power, the ability to pick out the essential factors in a given situation.

This cannot be learned from books alone. The one way to learn it is by constant contact with the major sections of the people.

dd relationship definition wikipedia

For an intellectual, this means at least a few months spent in manual labour, to earn his livelihood as a member of the working class; not as a superior being, nor as a reformist, nor as a sentimental "progressive" visitor to the slums.

The experience gained from living with worker and peasant, as one of them, has then to be consistently refreshed and regularly evaluated in the light of one's reading. For those who are prepared to do this, these essays might provide some encouragement, and food for thought. Inhis eldest daughter, Maya was born, while inthe youngest, Meera. In Pune, while teaching mathematics and conducting research in the field, he started his interdisciplinary pursuit.

In he published a small article of 4 pages titled 'The Estimation of Map Distance from Recombination Values' in Annals of Eugenics, in which he introduced what later came to be known as Kosambi map function. One of the most important contributions of Kosambi to statistics is the widely known technique called proper orthogonal decomposition POD. This tool has found application to such diverse fields as image processing, signal processing, data compression, oceanography, chemical engineering and fluid mechanics.

Unfortunately this most important contribution of his is barely acknowledged in most papers that utilise the POD method. In recent years though, some authors have indeed referred to it as the Kosambi-Karhunen-Loeve decomposition. He did extensive research in difficult science of numismatics. His evaluation of data was by modern statistical methods.

It was during this period that he started his political activism, coming close to the radical streams in the ongoing Independence movement, especially the Communist Party of India. He became an outspoken Marxist and wrote some political articles.

dd relationship definition wikipedia

In London, he started his long-lasting friendship with Indologist and historian A. In the spring semester ofhe was a visiting professor of geometry in the Mathematics Department at the University of Chicagowhere his colleague from his Harvard days, Marshall Harvey Stonewas the chair. In April—Mayhe spent nearly two months at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jerseydiscussing with such illustrious physicists and mathematicians as J.

He became a tireless crusader for peace, campaigning against the nuclearisation of the world.

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Kosambi's solution to India's energy needs was in sharp conflict with the ambitions of the Indian ruling class. He proposed alternative energy sources, like solar power. His activism in the peace movement took him to Beijing, Helsinki and Moscow. However, during this period he relentlessly pursued his diverse research interests, too.

Most importantly, he worked on his Marxist rewriting of ancient Indian history, which culminated in his book, An Introduction to the Study of Indian History He visited China many times during —62 and was able to watch the Chinese revolution very closely, making him critical of the way modernisation and development were envisaged and pursued by the Indian ruling classes.

All these contributed to straining his relationship with the Indian government and Bhabha, eventually leading to Kosambi's exit from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in The book was translated into German, French and Japanese and was widely acclaimed.

He also utilised his time in archaeological studies, and contributed in the field of statistics and number theory. His article on numismatics was published in February in Scientific American. He pursued many historical, scientific and archaeological projects even writing stories for children.

But most works he produced in this period could not be published during his lifetime. On 29 Junehe died in Pune.

dd relationship definition wikipedia

Basham, a well-known indologist, wrote in his obituary: At first it seemed that he had only three interests, which filled his life to the exclusion of all others — ancient India, in all its aspects, mathematics and the preservation of peace. For the last, as well as for his two intellectual interests, he worked hard and with devotion, according to his deep convictions.

Yet as one grew to know him better one realized that the range of his heart and mind was very wide

dd relationship definition wikipedia