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With her industry-saving third album, 25, about to drop, Adele talks frankly to Tom Digital editions of 25 will be made iTunes- and Amazon-ready. . Cooler-than- you cool, a fringed teenager who went around behind aviators And me not having the initiative to wash my own clothes. . “My man is strong. She had always been a strong woman, stronger than he gave her credit for, but Which meant he had to do this final thing for her—not because he was afraid of Making her afraid. mind told him that people with epilepsy had fulfilling relationships all the time. She didn't wear a bra, but her lacy panties were hot pink. I have had similar situations more than once. Do you want to learn more about a current relationship? If you're How do I become emotionally strong after having a breakup? Why, after a whole year, do I still have very strong feelings for an ex and, what can I do to get her out of my head? . Put on some good clothes.

Maybe you already have someone in mind to move forward with. That is nothing compared to the gut retching devastation of being dumped. This is how it usually goes The Wallowing Phase In the immediate aftermath of the breakup I seized by crippling despair.

I can't sleep and my appetite is lost. I force-feed myself at meal times and it's so hard to squeeze the chewed boluses down my esophagus. The only tolerable activity is laying in fetal position, watching dumb TV. Fortunately my friends are there like a rescue brigade. They swoop in with hugs and sometimes pies. They make me eat. They watch the dumb TV with me until I'm ready to acknowledge the world beyond my couch.

It's not just that they're on my team; they remind me that I have a team. The wallowing phase is dramatic and pathetic, but it only lasts a day or two. All consuming self-pity is neither sustainable nor attractive. I resume basal activities -- eating, sleeping, and working -- and enter The Bleak Projections Phase This is when I shift from debilitating sadness to functioning bitterness. I generalize everything from my previous relationship to all relationships.

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How can I trust anyone again? Everyone is selfish and disappointing. Love is woefully ephemeral. My friends indulge my bitterness over tasty froyo. Probably some boring girl who never drinks enough to get hung over. Men have the worst taste in women. Froyo with friends is great therapy.

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We vow to live together on a commune with adopted babies and puppies if romantic things don't improve by age And then I'm ready for I make a list. More time to work on my blog.

I don't have to shave as often. I don't have to wash my sheets as often. More time for yoga and reading: I can finally finish Infinite Jest. I'll be sleeping consistently at home, alone, so I can do Crest Whitening strips. But I'd rather read in bed with a boyfriend. And I'd rather have to wash my sheets because I'm having sex. And what's the point of white teeth if no one loves me?! And so I slip into I want him back.

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I stress about our forgone actual plans. We were going to try that new risotto recipe. We have tickets to the Red Sox game next month. He was going to be my plus one at my cousin's wedding. I stress about our forgone imagined plans. We were going to live in some small New England college town. We were going to brunch after Sunday morning road biking.

We were going to have the smartest, sportiest kids okay maybe I never told him this, but I was planning. He's in a Facebook picture with a cute girl. Who is this girl, this Riley Perkins? She has Liked three of his status updates in the past month. At the same time he sends me a text: Work's crazy this week. I'm on coffee 5 today: Hope you're doing OK.

Is he being considerate or condescending? What should I respond? Should I respond at all? I don't know how to react, but my friends do. He doesn't get to text you stupid details from his day if you aren't his girlfriend" Sarah: They seem to have gone away for the weekend together.

My friends are livid. Do you want me to kill him? He does not deserve you. You are too good for him. That's a fundamental property of best friends: The Desperately Active Phase I am working hard, exercising, reading, and writing. You know what I mean by condescension? Those little side glances we give to people whose apparent misfortune makes us feel better about our own lives?

The people who scare us because they are living through the things we are most afraid of in life? I think I was much too afraid of the emptiness inside me.

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  • Adele: ‘I can finally reach out a hand to my ex. Let him know I’m over it’

So here I am living through my deepest fears — and even so, I feel calmer and more in harmony with myself than ever before. Especially because you know.

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We all know couples who stay together just to save face. Or for their kids. Or to not be alone. We all know unhappy people who stay in careers that are slowly killing them. The people with tons of money who are totally miserable. The nonsense people tell us about life that we unwittingly keep passing down into eternity. The idea that happiness is a perfect house and a perfect husband and two perfect children. And a glamorous job.

Like in fashion or something. With the perfect balance between work and your personal life.

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We know because we see women, our friends, killing themselves trying to be perfect because very few alternatives are offered to us. A breakup can be a great moment of discovery and self-love. You can be marvelously happy, alone and without a child. Personally, I need to experience it.

My partner and I just separated.