Father daughter relationship statistics age

Early father–daughter relationship and demographic determinants of spousal marital satisfaction

father daughter relationship statistics age

Dad creates a daughter's conscious and unconscious relationship expectations have shown the influence of fathers on their daughters' relationships. PDF | Present study examined the father and daughter relationship and its impact Sample is comprised of total unmarried adolescent girls aged 13 to 21 For the analysis of results, descriptive and inferential statistics were carried out. From an early age, children from both cultures are exposed to different ways of Early father–daughter relationship, attachment, and marital satisfaction . of elimination of any possible missing data, before statistical analysis.

father daughter relationship statistics age

Yet both sons and daughters generally say they feel closer to their mothers and find it easier to talk to her, especially about anything personal. Furthermore, daughters tend to withhold more personal information than sons do from their fathers.

Compared to sons, daughters are also more uncomfortable arguing with their dads, and take longer to get over these disagreements than when they argue with their moms.

father daughter relationship statistics age

Most daughters also wish their fathers had talked with them more about sex and relationships, even though they admit that the conversations would probably have been uncomfortable at first.

Considering the benefits of being able to talk comfortably with their fathers, these findings are discouraging. So how can fathers and daughters forge a close, positive relationship?

How Dads Affect Their Daughters into Adulthood

Some research suggests certain turning points or significant events can draw them closer. Both fathers and daughters said in one study that participating in activities together, especially athletic activities, while she was growing up made them closer.

Some daughters also mentioned working with their dads or vacationing alone with him. If masculinity comes from withinthen why are you worried?

father daughter relationship statistics age

Maybe the trouble the kids in your ward have is caused by problems in the family they grew up in, and personal problems the mother have, more than a lack of role models? But is this a hypotheses or facts? Then girls must learn better from a mother.

father daughter relationship statistics age

Maybe we talk about sex identity development? I do not know, but boys that grow up with two lesbian mothers are said to be fine and not handicapped as men or humans.

I also believe that you can find women who had great fathers who also struggle with the same problems. I came from a traditional family and she saw in me, that which she would want in a dad. Fortunately we worked through it and have been married for 38 years now.

Going against such cultural mandate could potentially cause unnecessary tension for young men and women within the context of the hierarchical family system.

father daughter relationship statistics age

Marital decisions in such a cultural setting become a collective one. In the context of such social and familial climate, it is only logical to expect that regardless of type of marriage, overall societal expectations take over any individual considerations.

Conclusion In conclusion, this study has advanced our understanding of marital satisfaction in relation to the quality of early father—daughter interaction, as well as in relation to a number of demographic variables. This is consistent with the contributions of many theorists and researchers. If the daughter had experienced a safe and secure relationship with her father, she most probably will carry those feelings to her relation with the husband.

Despite exposure to Western culture, the influence of traditional Arab culture remains strong.

  • Early father–daughter relationship and demographic determinants of spousal marital satisfaction
  • Why the Father-Daughter Relationship is so Important

Therefore, it can be concluded that despite the strong influence of traditional societal values, sex role changes have influenced contemporary Arab society.

Our study may have important implications for therapists and health professionals. These findings may assist them in understanding and assessing their clients. They could use such information in counseling those marriage partners who seek stability in marital relationship, as well as those who are threatened by separation or divorce. Limitations The study sample consisted of participants with a broad age range, which may present different age-related dynamics.

Although the instructions related to the study were clear and specific, it is possible responses may have been given without considering the importance of independent and private completion of questionnaires. Footnotes The authors report no conflicts of interest in this work.

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