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When faced with the Four of Pentacles in a reading it can indicate a great success the Four of Pentacles indicates that you are likely guarding your relationship too the Four of Pentacles energy around your health it can give a mixed signal. Detailed Tarot card meaning for the Four of Pentacles including upright and He balances another pentacle on his head, impeding his connection with spirit. Tarot Meaning: The 4 of Pentacles can be a card about holding on to things, people, When this card appears in a reading, it's a sure sign that you must look .

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The 4 of Pentacles reversed is a card about fear, when it comes to love. However, the reversal can mean that you are about to let go of the fear, and finally open yourself up in a way that is real, and which will give your relationship a fighting chance.

If you are looking for love and get the reversed 4 of Pentacles, it is telling you to not let fear of rejection hold you back.

Reach out, mingle, get to know people. You have to be open for love to come to you, and being full of fear is not helpful. When the reversed 4 of Pentacles appears, it can show that you are finally getting beyond your worries about money, because you will have realized that your worry isn't helping you. You can make a difference in your financial situation, if you let go of your fear and get moving. The 4 of Pentacles reversed, although it may not feel particularly pleasant at first, can indicate that you are about to move forward emotionally, which will in turn improve your health greatly.

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When this card appears, you have almost certainly been carrying around a great deal of fear and worry related to your health, and you may finally find the courage to open up or may not be able to keep yourself from opening up about these fears. Your situation will improve instantly when you do.

When you step back from the situation you are able to see the bigger picture and broader view, allowing for consideration and thought rather than taking hasty, ill-conceived action. Consider your options and take the best course of action. The Four of Pentacles indicates a change for the better which will put you in command of your own life.

Do what you think is best for you and listen to your own advice. The 4 of Pentacles indicates that you may receive a generous gift.

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Positive rewards and outcomes from a financial decision or choice made in the past are implied when the 4 of Pentacles appears in a reading.

You may receive a large sum of money that will ensure your financial security. This money may be in the form of an inheritance, a legacy, a perk from an employer, a compensation payment or severance pay-out, or a competition or lotto win.

Two 4s in a spread tells of a safe and secure period of time. Three Fours appearing in a reading implies that you are being overly cautious about everything. Investigate any propositions thoroughly prior to committing to anything. The 4 of Pentacles, when it appears in a reading next to The High Priestess, tells of the need to be absolutely certain of all aspects before committing yourself to anything, as there are many hidden undercurrents at this time.

You are asked to investigate any and all propositions, but do NOT sign or commit to anything until you are totally certain. The IV of Pentacles appearing next to The Tower card foretells of upheavals and the possibility of great loss.