How to strenghten ur relationship

how to strenghten ur relationship

The surprising things that will help you and your S.O. stay together for the long haul. | Greatist | Health and Fitness News, Tips, Recipes, and. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, romance is often pushed to the back burner. But even if your relationship isn't always in sizzle mode. 8 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship. Author: Heather Prouty. Love is perhaps our most powerful emotion, and the need to be in a loving relationship may be.

Your ego wants to make everything about you, but refer back to understanding.

8 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

For example, you may be an extrovert and your loved one is an introvert. While an extrovert loves to be around people all the time, an introvert can become extremely agitated at this notion. Studies have shown this could be linked to dopamine. If these terms are new to you, take a look here as a starting place for more research. Practice Non-Judgment You are programmed to judge; you have personal emotions and feelings that judge.

With those you love, it is often harder rather than easier. Why do you judge them more than strangers? Because you love them more. You see the good within with a clearer vision. When you see such a beautiful light, it is difficult not to judge when they do or say something that you feel is outside of that light. Try to remind yourself of two important factors: Each person is doing their best from their level of consciousness. We are all light and dark.

10 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationships

No matter how amazing an individual is, they have negative moments. If played out with the right intentions, these negative moments can lead to amazing evolution and personal growth.

Of course there is always the possibility that your opinion is just your opinion. Be Present Listening to a loved one ramble on about their passions, their day, and their thoughts can be one of two things: If you have children, you understand that statement at its fullest. It can be hard to focus when so much needs to be done and your loved one is chatting away. The best gift in the world is to be in that moment with them. To learn about their passions. You may have never foreseen yourself learning how to play video games, water ski, meditate wink winketc.

But when you give a friend or family member your undivided attention, they feel how much you love them.

8 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship | Everyday Health

Especially when they know it is not something you typically give your time toward. The topic of discussion or activity that is taking place is irrelevant to your love in that moment.

how to strenghten ur relationship

That is what we leave behind on this earth, this is what people remember … our presence. Be Trustworthy As humans, we all desire trust. It may seem so simple and obvious yet it can be so difficult to find. Getting caught up in your own life or thoughts can often override a simple act of trust. Or to you, what was said in private may not seem like a big deal or secret per say.

how to strenghten ur relationship

Be absolute certain, ask if you need to. There was a reason your loved one chose to share their thoughts and feelings with you—they trust you! Give and Receive The circle of giving and receiving can get complicated in relationships.

Often one person feels as though they give more than the other. Often people have a difficult time truly receiving. If you catch yourself saying such phrases, you could be blocking your blessings.

If the people you love hear you say such things to them over and over, they begin to tune into how you are programming them. You set the standard for your own perception. Subconsciously you may not feel worthy or concern yourself with how much the other person had to sacrifice.

Allow a flow of giving and receiving. Accepting both as a blessing that we share with all humans. Respect Individuality From co-workers to best friends, we are all a separate unit as much as we are one. Humans naturally want to be in groups. We see it and participate in it from elementary school into adulthood.

Because it is a natural desire to be accepted. Your instinct tells you that if people are like you, the chances of acceptance are more likely. This is actually a misconception. They may choose to dissect what is different; they may also choose to be jealous. A person accepts you based upon love and the desire to connect. Make an effort to head to bed at the same time at least a few nights a week. Send your partner loving text messages throughout the day.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, romance is often pushed to the back burner. Find small, simple ways every day to show your love and stay connected to your partner. Focus on the things that make the two of you feel happy and close to keep your relationship strong. Say "thanks" with a physical token of your appreciation, too — be it a hug, caress, or kiss. The more often a couple kissesthe more satisfied they are with their relationship and the more bonded both partners feel, shows research in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

So pucker up and practice often! Get Touchy-Feely The power of touch can be very strong, whether it's a loving hug or just holding hands. Hold hands when walking through the grocery store, or sneak up and give your partner a hug and kiss when he or she is doing the dishes or reading the kids a story.

how to strenghten ur relationship

When couples on double dates opened up to each other, spouses created closer bonds with their respective mates than couples who went on a solo date night. The researchers found that when another couple relates to personal information you share, their reaction serves to deepen your bond and even sparks greater feelings of passion in you for your mate.

A study in the Journal of Communication examined long-distance relationships and found that, compared with couples who were in closer proximity to each other, the long-distance loves felt closer and more intimate.