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It's not the way that you say "Adieu" that. Leaves behind you a smilin' fool, It's that. I know you're a song come true,baby I love. You,and I'll follow you till the ends. Loggins and Messina is the second album by singer/songwriters Loggins and Messina, The album version of "Thinking of You" is a different recording than the hit "Thinking of You" (Messina) – (lead singer: Jim Messina); "Just Before the News" (Messina) – (instrumental); "Till the Ends Meet" (Loggins) – A list of songs by Loggins and Messina, which albums they are on and links Country Medley: Listen To a Country Song/Oh Lonesome Me/I'm Movin' On . Till the Ends Meet (2), Albums with Loggins and Messina Song: Till the Ends Meet.

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