Marvel super heroes juggernaut ending a relationship

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marvel super heroes juggernaut ending a relationship

Any relationship in which one party is super-powered and the other, But of all Marvel's heroes, arguably none is better at putting people . the villainous Juggernaut in court and things end up getting physical between them. Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Ending & Secret Ending HD - YouTube upon team affiliation marvel super heroes juggernaut ending and relationships taken from. Between painful family relationships, Squid-Boy friends, sex with lawyers, bar None of this is helped when Sharon is driven to alcoholism, and then dies, leaving Charles alone As an X-Men character, gifted with powers of super strength and Juggernaut flowing with Cytorrak energies, X-Men Marvel.

Some time after breaking things off with Colossus, the hero found love with everyone's favorite space rogue, Peter Quill, also known as Star-Lord. Seeing a relatively grounded superhero like Kitty be romantically involved with a cosmic adventurer like Star-Lord was unusual, but their relationship actually worked. Kitty's serious demeanor was a great counter-balance to Peter's sarcastic attitude, and their shared adventurous spirit made them an almost perfect match.

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Their romance was so strong, that Kitty even became part of the Guardians of the Galaxy for a few years. Just like most of the romances on this list, though, their relationship wasn't meant to last. During Marvel's "Civil War II" event, the Guardians learned that Peter had been keeping some pivotal pieces of information from them regarding the superhero conflict.

This led the galactic team to break up. Kitty called things off with Quill and returned to Earth to live a semi normal life. Unlike his son, Jameson Sr. Shortly after the character's debut, the House of Ideas shocked readers with the revelation that Jameson Sr. At first, it seemed like the pair's romance was a fleeting thing meant to build up drama in Peter's life.

As it turned out, though, that wasn't the case. After some years together, Aunt May and J.

marvel super heroes juggernaut ending a relationship

The characters loved each other, and it was great to see May allowing herself to be happy following the death of Uncle Ben. Their relationship continued to develop as time went on, and they even worked together on Parker Industries' Uncle Ben foundation, which helped the less fortunate all around the world.

Sadly, much like her heroic nephew, May just wasn't meant to have a happy ending. Marvel's Ultimate universe which debuted in 's Ultimate Spider-Man 1 put a twisted spin on some of the company's most beloved characters. Two heroes in particular that received that twisted treatment were Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. You see, in this universe, they weren't only siblings but also lovers.

At first, their relationship was kept fairly vague, but their romance was finally confirmed in Ultimates 3 1, when Wasp told a very surprised Captain America that the super-powered siblings were romantically involved with each other.

marvel super heroes juggernaut ending a relationship

Understandably, Wanda and Pietro's romance received a lot of backlash, as a large number of fans couldn't believe Marvel had taken such a direction with the characters. Ultimately, the pair's relationship didn't last long. In the same issue where it was revealed that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were an item, Wanda was shot and killed by a mysterious assailant.

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Then, in Ultimates 3 5, Wanda's killer was revealed to be none other than Ultron. As it turned out, Ultron had fallen in love with Scarlet Witch, but he became furious when he learned that she was in a relationship with Quicksilver. Full of rage, the psychopathic robot decided to kill Wanda right in front of Pietro. That's one disturbing romance. Take She-Hulk and Juggernaut for example.

The two characters are vastly different. She-Hulk is a righteous superhero determined to do the right thing, while Juggernaut is a psychopathic criminal who'll stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Surprisingly, despite their glaring differences, the super-powered characters once became an item. Back in the '00s, Juggernaut decided to turn over a new leaf. He joined Charles Xavier and even befriended a mutant named Sammy. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, Juggernaut went on a rampage after learning that Sammy was being taken away from Xavier's mutant school.

Juggernaut was arrested and Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, was hired to represent him. Initially, the two characters clashed, as Jennifer showed a great deal of disgust over the countless evil deeds committed by the baddie.

Shockingly, however, She-Hulk changed her mind regarding Juggernaut after he stopped Rhino from escaping the super villain-holding facility they were in. Following an awkward conversation, She-Hulk and Juggernaut slept together.

Juggernaut and She-Hulk's relationship wasn't only surprising but quite disturbing, and it stirred a lot of controversy around the comic book fan community. Fortunately, the characters' eyebrow-raising romance was eventually erased from continuity when it was revealed that their encounter had occurred in an alternate universe.

Most fans are aware of his relationships with Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy, but not many may be familiar with his romance with Bobbi Morse, aka Mockingbird. His company, Parker Industries, was responsible for outfitting S. As a part-time S. The heroes didn't get along at first, but as time went on, they both warmed up to one another and eventually became an item. In the first of these issues, he rampaged unseen throughout the X-Men's headquarters while the team's leader, Professor Xrelated the character's origin in a series of flashbacks.

After the canceled X-Men returned in the mids, the Juggernaut returned to fight a new iteration of the team in X-Men — October —February The Juggernaut also participated in the " Acts of Vengeance " storyline in Thor — December and returned in Thor February Other appearances included an encounter with his creator, Cyttorakin X-Men Unlimited 12 September and starring in the one-shot issue Juggernaut 1 April InMarvel purchased Malibu Comics and began a series of crossovers that saw Marvel characters entering the Malibu Ultraverse.

The character appeared in Juggernaut: Legacy Februaryand fought the Hulk in Hulk November He appeared as a regular character in Thunderbolts beginning with issueand remained on the team until issueduring the Fear Itself limited series. Writer Mike Conroy stated, "The characters who debuted during the early years of Marvel's mutant X-Men have been remarkably long-lived, and Cain Marko is no exception". Kurt Marko favors Charles and abuses his own son, Cain.

Cain resents Charles and bullies him frequently. Marko finds a hidden temple dedicated to the entity Cyttorak. On entering, Marko finds and holds a huge ruby and reads the inscription on the stone aloud: Henceforth, you who read these words, shall become The transformation causes a cave-inand the character is buried and presumably killed, not being heard from again until a sudden assault on the X-Men's headquarters.

Xavier recounts the Juggernaut's origin to the X-Men, and after shrugging off the mansion's defenses and brushing aside the X-Men, Marko is seen clearly in the final panel as he confronts Xavier.

The X-Men regroup and attack, while Xavier summons Fantastic Four member the Human Torch to aid the mutants ; the Torch generates 'pulses' of flame that essentially hypnotize the Juggernaut, distracting him long enough for Angel to remove his helmet, making Marko susceptible to a telepathic attack by Xavier.

The panicking villain battles former X-Man the Beast before being drawn back to the same dimension.

marvel super heroes juggernaut ending a relationship

The Juggernaut is accidentally pulled back to Earth at the Hulkbuster base by an interdimensional device designed to banish the Hulk. The Hulk aids the Juggernaut in escaping from the base but attacks him when the Juggernaut threatens a civilian.

During the battle, the Juggernaut's helmet is removed, and he is surprised and defeated by Professor X, Cyclops, and Marvel Girl. When Tom falls off the battlements of Cassidy Keep after a sword duel with Banshee, Juggernaut jumps after him into the sea. The Juggernaut battles Spider-Woman and the X-Men and is the only one of the criminal trio to escape capture. On arriving in New York CityTom sends the Juggernaut to capture Madame Web ; Juggernaut destroys several city blocks in the process, and ignores Spider-Man 's best efforts to stop him.

He almost kills Web by accident when he removes her from a life support device, and abandons her. A frustrated Spider-Man eventually lures the Juggernaut into setting concrete, poured for the foundation of an office high-rise, into which he sinks without a trace; [11] he takes over a month to dig his way out.

The Juggernaut, however, eventually escapes. The Juggernaut and seven other humans are revealed to have all been empowered and corrupted by mystical entities, and as avatars enforce their will on Earth.

Leader Captain America convinces the other Exemplars that they have been manipulated by the mystical entities, who then decide to leave Earth.

marvel super heroes juggernaut ending a relationship

When Cassidy openly betrays the Juggernaut, Marko remains with the X-Men and attempts to change his ways. An enraged Juggernaut attacks Cassidy and his allies, and the battle strands all participants in the alternate dimension the Mojoverse.

One storyline expands on the Juggernaut's origin and reveals that Marko is only the most recent of a series of incarnations of Cyttorak's avatar; each battles a challenger to the death for the right to retain the entity's power. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. April Learn how and when to remove this template message While training his son SkaarBruce Banner bombs Juggernaut's house to initiate a confrontation between Skaar and the Juggernaut.

The government comes along and transports the Juggernaut to a secure facility. Spider-Man sneaks into the facility to ask the Juggernaut who did this to him. Then, a new Captain Universe breaks into the room and claims he's there to slay the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut, as Captain Universe, repairs the damage to the tectonic plates that was caused by him during the same rampage that ruined Nguyen's life.

Following Luke Cage 's appointment as leader of the ThunderboltsCain is brought up for suggestion for the program. While Cage is initially against his joining, Professor X telepathically contacts Luke and asks him to reconsider, believing he has a chance at redemption despite what he previously told Cain.