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men who jump from relationship to

Everybody goes through a breakup, good or bad, (okay who am I kidding, they're all bad), the aftermath can always be tricky. There's one thing. I know a few girls who do this. I have never known them to be single for more then a few months. One girl was with someone for 10 years. Rebound=Repair, The Painful Truth About Rebound Relationships The less secure, the lower the self-esteem, the more likely to jump from a broken, ended Also, a LOT of people are curious about how to get your ex-girlfriend back.

Then there are also people who hide from themselves in relationships.

men who jump from relationship to

Rather than being alone and giving themselves the space and time to do the necessary internal work to evolve and improve the stability and sanctuary of their own emotional life, they choose to use love as a band aid.

To these people, relationships stem from a need of self-preservation rather than any unique desire or want attached to a particular person because of a special shared connection.

Rebound Relationships - The Painful Truth | Stephen Nash

These people are the type of people who transition from relationships so quickly because being liked and loved by romantic suitors becomes this unquenchable thirst that they rely on to survive. These people date tons of people, a lot of the wrong people, while also being more prone to dysfunctional and toxic relationship patterns because their desire to feel love becomes more important than their need to honour themselves.

What I mean by this is that some people being taking the emotional steps of breaking up with someone in their head and heart long before the relationship actually ends. Often in long-term relationships, the breakup is drawn out over months, even years in some cases, which can make the breakup more of an organic emotional experience for one or both people.

At least never when I had real, true feelings invested. Being someone well-versed in the area, this is what I have to say to you. First off, be grateful that you feel so much. The pain I feel afterward reminds me of this truth.

So if the breakup runs deep.

Why Do People Jump From One Relationship To the Next? | Pending Questions

It means you loved deeply. So fight a smile through your tears and show some gratitude for being fortunate to experience the full scale of the best and worst parts of the most important emotion to the human experience. They want the best parts of love without the work, hardship and potential downfall of heartbreak.

You really went for it. And you ended up at the wrong end of it.

Why do Some People Always Move on Quickly After A Breakup?

But the fact you went for it and were able to allow yourself to be open enough to be hurt by someone is a great feat. Some people are too afraid to ever let someone in or put themselves out there, so they always play it safe and never truly get to experience love in its deepest sense. The sexiest thing to me now? A woman who has been single for years and is relishing in her independence.

men who jump from relationship to

Abby and I were friends in college and just before I graduated I surprisingly found out she also happened to be my second cousin. We found out when we saw each other in a big family reunion. And number two, when I say horrendous aftermath, I mean horrendous like seeing a really bad Nicolas Cage movie. Some do it patiently like waiting for the bus.

No need for an Emma Watson-type UN speech here. Maybe it was that time you had the quietest dinner in the entire human race? The point is that your ex was probably already preparing for the inevitable.

men who jump from relationship to

When he finally did, you were left to pick up the pieces of your shattered heart. And then just two months later you, you open your Facebook page and then viola! Your tall boyfriend who says he was always into shorter girls just uploaded a photo with a much taller chick and in the photo they were cuddling so much together that the Care Bears themselves would puke.

Well, he probably forgot all his so-called types and non-negotiables in a relationship and just went out with someone who was literally right there in front of him.

Rebound=Repair, The Painful Truth About Rebound Relationships

Seriously, a troubled mind and a painful heart are like hobos in the streets. Same thing applies in a relationship. One other thing is a phrase I absolutely love: Think of a work friend, a classmate, a longtime college roommate, a bandmate, or whatnot. The point is that we are geared into getting a relationship with the people closest in our vicinity. Well, this is normal right?

men who jump from relationship to