Photo of physical relationship steps

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photo of physical relationship steps

Just like the stages of grief, there are also stages of being intimate in relationships. Find out which intimacy stage your relationship falls into. Photo: Unsplash: Hian Oliveira. 5 Stages Of Intimacy In A Relationship (Which Are. Has your girlfriend seemed really turned off of a physical relationship lately? Maybe you haven't gotten to that stage in your relationship yet but you're not really. If you're not sure of how to begin your physical relationship with you partner, Kissing your significant other is a big step up from hand-holding and cuddling.

A good go-to option is to make her something using origami. This looks really impressive but isn't that hard as long as you're patient. See our pages on origami for ideas and instructions. Another way to set the scene for romance is to compliment her. However, complimenting well doesn't come naturally to everyone.

Sometimes we say things that we think are nice and we mean well, but it's easy to be insulting without meaning it. Pay attention to how you compliment and try to compliment her in a good way. For example, you want to avoid compliments like "you look really nice today" because it implies that she does not normally look nice.

Another one to avoid is "that dress makes you look so thin" because it implies that she normally looks fat. While it's better to tailor compliments to the woman in question, a good go-to compliment would be something like "I feel like I could talk to you forever" or "I feel like I can just be myself around you". Who feels like being seduced when they're surrounded by dirty laundry and dishes?

Romance is also harder if you're just going straight into it after a totally unromantic part of your day, like a stressful day at school or work. Help your girlfriend switch gears into a more romantic mindset so that she's ready to be seduced.

You can set a romantic mood by putting together a romantic environment. Clean up, light some incense, and set out some flowers and candles. It doesn't take much work but it can really impress your girlfriend. Part 3 Turning Up the Heat 1 Actually turn up the heat. Some studies have found that women have a more difficult time feeling physical pleasure when they're too cold. Start the serious seduction process by giving her a great massage.

If you don't know how, don't worry: Go slow and don't cut it off after just a few minutes. You want to get her feeling nice and relaxed, like a big puddle of butter. Use a bottle of lavender or regular baby oil or an oil based lotion to give the massage. This will stop you from irritating her skin and will also help your hands glide across her skin in a more soothing and sexy manner.

You probably know how to kiss. If you don't, you'll need to go back to the basics before you can really seduce her. However, even if you feel like a pro, you might want to consider trying to step up your game. Experiment with kissing her stomach and the sides of her rib cage.

This is a very sensitive area. You can play a game where you kiss every one of her freckles, counting them and going in ever more risque directions as you go. Another good spot is just at the corners of her mouth, which will be very sensitive and drive her crazy. She'll want to kiss your mouth but don't let her, instead kissing everywhere else until you make her beg you to kiss her on the lips.

Guys tend to think that they should never talk dirty to a woman or that doing so might be disrespectful. However, there is a time and a place and for some women, this can be a huge turn on.

Once you're in a sexy situation, try telling her exactly what you want to do to her. Tell her how you want to make her feel. Say these things in a low, husky voice. Whisper them into her ear. She'll find it irresistible because it's flattering for her to know how much you want her right now.

Say something like, "You're so hot right now. I just want to tease you until you're begging for me Once you've set the stage for the activity you want, you'll need to start stimulating her body so that she's ready for that kind of interaction. If you go too fast into the really physical stuff, you'll quickly turn her off. Stimulate her erogenous, or sexually sensitive, zones for a little while before going into actual sex.

Stimulating the back of her neck, her breasts, the inside of her thighs, ears and butt all can help get her in the mood. Pick a body part and them pick an action: There are endless combinations. Of course, if the stage has really been set, you can also stimulate more sensitive areas. If she's ready for it and you've established consent, you can rub against her clitoral area with your finger.

If your relationship has been very vanilla and normal so far, introducing just the slightest hint of kink can really get your girlfriend interested in a physical relationship again. When sex feels old-hat and samey, pretty much everyone gets less interested in it; that's pretty normal.

By making sex feel new and exciting again, you can seduce her right back into your arms. For example, try blindfolding her and then play a game of slow-strip, kissing her progressively lower and lower down her body and then back up. The mix of sensations will feel amazing and she'll be ready for just about anything.

Women take longer to warm up than men, so you'll want to go slow in all of your pre-game activities. The slower and more sensuous you are, the more ready she will be to rip your clothes off. A slow kiss here, a long lick down her neck there, and before you know it she'll be begging for more. Your hands should not automatically go down her pants and under her shirt. Lounging as you embrace your significant other is a great, highly underrated way to relax with your partner as you strengthen the physical bond between you.

Don't write off the time you spend cuddling with your partner - as your relationship grows more serious, you may begin to wish you had more time for it. Holding hands can sound childish and innocent to the experienced Lothario, but it's great as a simple show of affection, especially in situations where more overt displays may be inappropriate.

For instance, this gesture is a socially-acceptable way to display affection in public, where actions like making out can be considered obnoxious. Holding hands is also something to do when other romantic gestures are impractical, like when you're stuffed into the back seat of a cramped car. While hand-holding may not be the most fiery, exciting form of physical intimacy, it is certainly the most versatile. This is it - the big moment!

Kissing your significant other is a big step up from hand-holding and cuddling. It's a way of showing that you really care for and desire him or her, so your kisses should have feeling behind them. Ideally, the first time you kiss your significant other, you should be so filled with longing that's hard not to do it. Of course, it's pretty unrealistic to assume that every couple is going to have a perfect first kiss, or, in fact, perfect kisses most of the time, so don't put too much stock in any one kiss.

Rather treat kisses as the fun, mutually enjoyable, but serious displays of affection that they are. The prospect of engaging in physical intimacy with your significant other shouldn't be intimidating - if it is, you may need to have a frank discussion with him about your intimacy issues. Physical intimacy should be an opportunity not only to display your affection for your partner, but also simply to have a good time with him or her, so consider keeping your shows of affection light and playful.

As long as teasing is done in good humor and with consideration for frustration or hurt feelings on your partner's part, it's a great way to infuse any act of physical intimacy with playful passion. It bears mentioning that your attitude isn't the only thing that affects your ability to have an emotionally intimate relationship with your partner.

Your physical and emotional health also factor in to your sense of intimacy with your partner. For instance, good hygiene is a must. There's no way around it - no matter how romantic you are, if you stink, your physical intimacy will suffer.

You'll also want to put effort into your physical fitness so that you'll look and feel your best when you're with your partner. On the emotional side of the intimacy equation, you'll want primarily to deal with significant sources of stress in your life as they arise, as stress can have a profound negative impact on your ability to enjoy physical intimacy sessions.

The 10 Stages Of A Relationship As Told Through Sexual Positions

Research has proven that regular exercise literally makes you feel better by releasing chemicals called endorphins into the brain. As an added bonus, regular exercise can help you get more fit and attractive! Don't be afraid to talk to others - including trained professionals - about any mental stresses you're dealing with in your life.

Method Intimacy in the Bedroom 1 Rethink your attitudes towards sex.

photo of physical relationship steps

Physical intimacy in the form of sex is not a performance, a chore, or a competition. Rather, it's the sincerest possible expression of your love for someone else and a way to cement the bond between you and this other person.

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At the very least, it should be fun, relaxing, and fulfilling, not stressful! Don't think of sex as something that has to be done a certain way or otherwise it's not "good" - rather, think of sex as a chance for you and your partner to be yourselves. For example, let's say that a straight couple is having intimacy problems because the man in the relationship is self-conscious about his ability as a lover.

photo of physical relationship steps

The man is operating with mistaken assumptions of masculine adequacy - basically, he thinks it's a man's job to be the "active", "experienced" partner. Ironically, this very worry is what keeps him from gaining the seasoned experience and confidence he needs to be the best lover he can be.

If the man saw sex as more of a form of self-expression and less as an opportunity to perform a pre-determined role, he would probably enjoy it more. Sex is like any other skill or hobby - devoting time and effort to it can make it much, much better. You may want to try using "traditional" romantic gestures - for instance, lighting aromatic candles, sharing a glass or two of wine, and having a close, affectionate talk on the couch, basking in the intimacy of the moment.

Or, you may want to try something a little more off-beat that fits the two of you as a couple. It's up to you. Remember that, whatever you choose to do, all the scene-setting will lead up to a rewarding and enjoyable shared moment of love. Massage is excellent as a show of affection, as a method of foreplay, and as a way to get close to your partner. You may want to use a neutral oil like grapeseed oilespecially if you or your partner have allergies.