Queen of cups reversed relationship attitude

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queen of cups reversed relationship attitude

Queen of Cups reflects feelings related to love and fairness. So for a relationship situation, the tarot card represents beautiful balance between the lovers. Cups and the water element in the tarot symbolize feelings. The Queen of Cups places her feelings in the most precious chalice of the entire. Detailed Tarot card meaning for the Queen of Cups including upright and reversed card Reversed: Inner feelings, self-care, self-love, co-dependency.

She is a foreboding warning of things going poorly in the near future and a sign to hold loved ones closer and tighter, as you will need them. Card Combinations As tempting as it may be to consider one card, especially if it is the worst in your spread, Tarot is only effective when you take your spread as a whole.

Each card has meaning and importance, and direct interactions are not at all uncommon. Your cards are interconnected both with your life and each other, and your chances of correcting wayward paths increase when all are considered. Below are some common card combinations and what they could mean for you.

queen of cups reversed relationship attitude

If your Queen of Cups reversed is joined by the Chariotit is generally a sign of hope and a lifeline from your current issues depending on position. The Sphinxes that accompany the king reveal that you are not alone, and it is not those trusted friends who are causing you trouble, but others. Lean on those who are there to support you but avoid venturing into new relationships until you have once again balanced yourself.

When the Queen of Cups reversed is accompanied by the Three of Swordsit represents the loss of love that may very well be the catalyst for your lack of emotional control.

The loss of confidence and serenity in such an important bond has thrown everything into disarray for the Queen. The multiple wounds indicate this is not the first time, and likely won't be the last you are hurt or have harmed others. At least part of the fallout from the Queen's loss will be permanent.

You must focus on avoiding further wounds, either removing yourself from a volatile situation or humbling yourself and apologizing. The Queen of Cups reversed that appears alongside the reversed King of Cups is a sign that your struggles are self-made. He doubles-down on the reversed Queen's warning of untrustworthy individuals lurking about but, even so, the greatest threat is still yourself.

The two cards may reveal you have surrendered to the drama instead of continuing the fight to escape. It is also a sign you have turned to your obsessions or addictions in the hope it will blind you from your fall from grace. Run away from offers of "support" that include invitations to drink or abuse drugs and avoid wallowing in self-pity.

There are many cards that, when paired with the Queen of Cups reversed, indicate hope and change in your future. Her children are in no doubt as to how much they are loved and cherished.

This Queen as a mother is so closely tuned into her children that she instinctively knows when one of them is down or worried about something. When it comes to worry, this is a difficult area for her to control as she can become very fretful over the slightest of things should any of her children appear upset or are ill. She will still worry incessantly about her offspring even when they have long grown and left the home.

She will be there for them in every aspect and will never be found guilty of missing a school concert or play. In fact she will probably have made most of the costumes if not the props and scenery too. Her wonderful imagination makes her an excellent bedtime story-teller and she can turn ordinary everyday outings with her kids into voyages of fantasy and adventure. Indeed it is regarded as sanctuary by many. Home cooked food and happy children will be found with many of their friends in tow.

She loves her children deeply. Her children will always have a home to run to regardless of their circumstances or how old they get. It is the Queen of Cups who will hold onto all their childhood bits and pieces, too sentimental and too attached to throw anything away.

The Queen of Cups

She may maintain their bedrooms fully intact for years to come after they have left home. She feels warm and comforted when all her siblings gather or return to the nest for family occasions and events. She can sink into depression cutting herself off from life and her friends as she withdraws into a world of her own. Her emotions become turbulent like the sea which threatens to engulf her.

In this state she worries incessantly and gets easily stressed unable to deal with the slightest upset or inconvenience. Guilty of making mountains out of mole hills, she can live on her nerves and is prone to swooning and feeling weak. Hypersensitive to criticism or perceived slights she can become sulky and moody bringing a cloud of gloom with her wherever she goes. The Queen of Cups reversed can often represent heartbreak in love.

She has a natural tendency to fall deeply in love and has a very idealistic and romantic idea of what love should be. If this is not reciprocated then despair and disillusionment will follow. She feels grief and betrayal on such a deep level.

This Queen reversed can highlight emotional insecurity and neediness. She can become clinging and whingeing.

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If her natural unrestricted flow of Water has become blocked or stagnant she can become cold and distant to the feelings of others. She cannot feel the love within and so is unable to express or share it with others. She may withdraw emotionally and physically from her partner becoming aloof and disinterested. Something has happened to make this Queen so and if she were to retrace her steps back into her own childhood she may very well find the root cause there.

She may have been denied love and affection as a child or suffered abuse.

queen of cups reversed relationship attitude

On a deep level she desperately craves it but has no idea of what real love is except for her warped version. She carries deep emotional wounds and develops a pattern of falling for the wrong man over and over again with the same result. She looks for love in all the wrong places and is constantly let down. This only serves to increase her desperation and neediness which will find her looking for any attention even if only negative. Any attention is better than none at the end of the day.

Her relationships can start on such a high but the lows she suffers after bitter disappointment are pitiful. She can lose her connection with love and intimacy and if thwarted in love may use sex as a weapon to inflict revenge, punishing someone for what another has done. She can leave a trail of broken hearts behind her. She then becomes the Siren or Mermaid luring unwary sailors to their Watery death.

She can become bitter and resentful, jealous and envious of love rivals or others who appear to be happy or in love. The Queen of Cups reversed can be drawn into an immoral way of life and the world of vice. Her behaviour highlights her terrible inner unhappiness and self-loathing.

queen of cups reversed relationship attitude

The Queen reversed can deny her own feelings and desires in favour of making someone else happy. With her continuous need to serve others she can sacrifice her own emotional fulfilment.

On the other hand, she can come across all sweetness and light but behind it all is devious and manipulative. Instead of caring for everyone, she cares only for herself and is self-centred. Her Angelic demeanour can easily conceal her corrupt and dishonest ways. This Queen reversed can get caught up in a scandal which could shock the shoes off anyone who knows her.

They would never ever have suspected her of being capable of such wicked conduct. The Queen of Cups reversed has a habit of nursing and regularly Watering old hurts and slights enabling her to recall verbatim an argument she had 10 years ago. She will feel as hurt or as passionate about it now as she did all those years ago. She rarely forgives, but she definitely never forgets anything and will retain her bitterness for all eternity.

Therefore, this card often highlights the need to forgive yourself or someone from your past. A deep sadness and unhappiness engulfs this Queen when she reverses. She can become gullible and is easily influenced. She is readily taken in by chancers and will believe anything she is told once she receives any sort of flattery. She is impractical in her thought and totally unrealistic. She finds it hard to focus and can be irrational in her behaviour.

She lives in a world of fantasy and idealism becoming maudlin and sentimental over the slightest things. She has no idea how to deal with the real world and has no concept of time or structure often appearing disorganised and scatty.

I have reincarnated back to Earth because I am suppose to help him. We are destined to be together. Because of her watery nature, she really needs someone grounded and stable. Her subconscious attitude is best aligned with a man who can bring in a masculine level of consciousness to balance her out. Queen of Cups as Feelings If you are asking how he or she feels about you, the Queen of Cups lets you know that they feel like softly, slowly and dreamily falling in love with you.

Their feelings are in the subconscious phase right now though, so they may not even be aware of how they are feeling or why.

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They most likely have been dreaming about you. They may also think you are very beautiful, as the Queen of Cups is one of the more beautiful court cards. She can be very vulnerable and sensitive. With Cancer as her ruling sign and the way she is fixated on her cup, she can have a tendency to obsess over something. Queen of Cups as Advice When you pick the Queen of Cups, she is telling you to feel your emotions and understand them. Your emotions are attached to your intuitive nature and the Queen of Cups urges you to listen to them.

If you can dream it, it can be contained and yours. Queen of Cups as an Event This Queen loves the beach and she might want you to take a trip to the beach or even the mountains for relaxation and meditation. Queen of Cups as a Mundane Event This can indicate rain and thunderstorms.

Queen of Cups Professions Artist. She can be very emotionally manipulative. She is not afraid of scandal or intrigue so beware if you get involved with her.

She just may turn your world upside down. Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby reminds me of the reversed queen of cups. She confuses love and sex and uses sex to get what she wants. Pleasure from sex results from the control or domination or submission or emotional aspect, but never love. The Queen of Cups is highly volatile and emotional.

She can be turbulent, yet peaceful at other times. Everything is built around how she feels at the time. She often confuses emotions with true psychic ability. She lives in a fantasy world.