Saturn synastry one sided relationship

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saturn synastry one sided relationship

Aug 31, Often people ask me to analyze their natal chart and the one of the person In this way we can untie the karmic nodes and proceed along the path . The Saturn person would be the weakest in the relationship, and yet it will. May 20, Saturn aspects in synastry usually are considered to be bad. One of the ways to reflect the Saturnal influence in a relationship is The other side is status and a position in society that is strongly related to the husband. Apr 8, When the Sun and Saturn meet in a relationship, there's stability, but also When one person's Sun is aligned with the other's Saturn, there's often a this sense that the Sun is behaving in a way that's threatening to Saturn.

Even abusive relationships may be the arenas in which this occurs. A love of power -instead of the power of love — would then be your downfall. Venus trine or sextile Pluto You are able to project love with great depth and great feeling, and through your personal magnetism and power of attraction which is considerable you can influence others in a remarkable way.

You instinctively know what people need and want, and how to give it to them. You also exude sexuality and affect people often without realizing it. On another level, you are extremely fortunate and resourceful financially. You have a way with money and with developing and using all of the resources that are available to you.

Also, your creativity and artistic powers are unusual. You have a special giftedness combined with a passion for beauty, and can craft some unusual, compellingly attractive creations.

This can be supportive or it can be extremely challenging—and frequently a bit of both. At a soul level, there is a need, desire, or feeling of indebtedness to stay with each other. At the beginning of the relationship, there is great comfort found in each other.

Still, one or both people involved can feel a strong reluctance at the same time that they feel a compulsion to be with the person. With some Saturn-personal planet contacts, two people stay together out of a sense of duty or one person feels this most strongly.

saturn synastry one sided relationship

In other cases, there can be a real love-hate relationship that develops, as the Saturn person tends to restrict and direct the personal planet person.

The personal planet may resist these attempts on some level, but acquiesce anyhow often grudgingly! Censoring or withholding feelings is the most common reaction over time, and distancing begins. Hard aspects conjunction, semi-square, square, sesquiquadrate, and oppostion between Venus and Saturn and the Moon and Saturn in the composite chart tend to affect us most intimately.

Themes of separation, distancing, withdrawing, and obstacles are strong. Another expression of these aspects is a strong desire to be together, but outside obligations or influences seem to keep you apart. Whether the distancing seems to be indirect or direct coming from without or coming from within the relationshipthe general theme is roughly the same—blockages of the natural and spontaneous flow of emotional expression.

Couples with these positions tend to live with the idea that their relationship is often emotionally unfulfilling. Both parties may feel that they end up quite lonely or insecure because of their experience together.

However, tests and trials are part of their relationship. Overcoming them can be a fulfilling experience in and of itself. There is a great attachment here—one that can keep you together many years, if not indefinitely.

The going is bound to be a little tough, but it is also very hard to let go of each other because of this basic bond. These ups and downs can be inspiring, but if there are too many, it can be exhausting! At some point, mindfulness on the part of both individuals needs to be present in order to grow with each other.

Building trust for one another is an issue. When you first met, there was likely a strong feeling of comfort and apparent trust. As you go along, there is a basic trust in one another on a physical level.

However, trust with regards to sharing feelings, or your innermost desires, can begin to fade. Saturn may not even be aware of this unconscious reaction to Moon. It may also be that situational factors are such that true emotional intimacy is blocked, even though both parties want to get closer to each other. The chemistry in this relationship brings out the individual need for security and safety in both people, and each will certainly find a basic sense of safety with the other.

saturn synastry one sided relationship

Although Moon in particular may feel emotionally frustrated at times, there is a feeling of constancy and dependability in Saturn that is very attractive.

This relationship stands much chance of being a long-lasting one. However, it can have its fair share of ups and downs. But the truth of the matter is, given the depth of the attachment to each other, there is much to gain from working on the intimacy issues described above. Saturn needs to face his or her fears and consciously work on not clamping down on Moon, and Moon, instead of reacting defensively to Saturn, must also look to see whether Saturn does have a point, so to speak, and Moon can actually benefit from some of the more reasonable boundaries that Saturn seems to draw.

Karma is associated with Saturn, where the personal planet person feels some sort of personal debt to the Saturn person. The Saturn person seems to have the upper hand in the relationship, at least for a while. Both parties must be more mindful of what exactly they are doing. Maybe the personal planet person does need to learn to be more responsible and could benefit from some maturation, and Saturn can learn to loosen up in certain ways.

Karma & Relationships

Reacting defensively to each other will only exacerbate the problem. Saturn trines and sextiles are generally considered supportive. They do have some of the characteristics described above, but generally there is less defensiveness between the two, and criticism is constructive if it exists. It is certainly easier to learn from each other this way. Nevertheless, even with flowing aspects involving Saturn, the chemistry is such that there is a characteristic reserve or self-consciousness present in the relationship with regards to the expression of feelings, romantic desires, will, intellect, or sexuality, depending on the personal planet involved.

Karma & Relationships

Although parallels are likened to conjunctions, when Saturn is parallel a personal planet in synastry, the interplay is easier than the conjunction. The Saturn person is not as inclined to criticism or control. Rather, the stabilizing influence of Saturn is more prominent. Back to Synastry article. Intermediate and advanced students of Astrology might enjoy our article, SoulMate Astrology. The waters are calm. I want you, you want me, you love me in a way I understand.

The most important thing we need to do in synastry is analyze the individual charts first for their capacity for love and caring exchange. Composite charts are not about the exchange of energy between us.

This is very subtle territory. A composite chart is not about what happens when your Pluto sits on my Moon and makes me cry. A composite chart will show us a different dynamic.

saturn synastry one sided relationship

How we use our emotional drive as a couple will be of concern. In the Eighth, our primary emotional focus may be via our sex life. But the way I treat you and you treat me is for the inter-aspects alone. Also, you cannot have a composite chart unless you have a real relationship.

You can draw one up, of course, but it only exists in the world of potential, of what might be. We see a quality in the relationship and use these remote connections to back up our theories, even though we may not fully know what these aspects mean. But in the end, all we end up doing is confusing ourselves. Those are the ones that are most likely to raise their heads in a relationship.

The Sun and Moon are always important. So are angle rulers. So is the dispositor of the Sun. Also, some planets are not important within a chart. Oh, sure there may be intensity, but if my journey is not basically a Plutonian one, I may not perceive that I need your energy in my life. One-sided relationships often occur with this dynamic. This dynamic often occurs with all three of the outer planets. Instead, consider all the important information, and open your eyes to the bigger picture, for a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships.