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He watched on as she slowly started to sketch in the arms of the legs of the . Michel made a disgusted face at that, and the Smeargle couldn't help crack up at . To me, it honestly looks ugly, failing to capture the natural look of the world." "Yes, it is time for us to consummate our relationship, my love. The sketch will fail becuase one has to move first and if sketch moves first if fails so it will go to struggle. The Assimilator: People who fail to make it through the Anthell are assimilated into best exemplified by the player character's relationship with their father. . Ratsy and Raffiti fill a similar role to Smeargle, since they learn Sketch, which only.

The Wiki lists them as such. Note that many of these have been fixed in a patch at some point. Interrupting the 5 trials event at the Snowbank Town Gym, by either losing a battle or leaving, causes the event to become broken, preventing the player from progressing.

In the Nuclear Plant Epsilon sidequest, losing to the boss Trawpint at the end of the quest causes the player to become stuck on the dock on Route 07, unable to move. By surfing in a specific location in Venisi City, you can become stuck underneath a bridge and unable to escape. In various scenarios, saving and closing out the game in the midst of an event, or after getting spotted by an enemy trainer, can cause the game to crash upon loading up again. If this happens, only the lowest option can be selected.

Whats so special about the pokemon Smeargle?

If you lose the below mentioned Race Against the Clockthe game tries to be merciful and give you ten minutes next time, which would be nice if not for the fact that once you step back into the area, it can act as if you just ran out of time again. If you lose the first battle with Theo in a Nuzlocke run, the story will still progress as normal, even though the only thing in your party is your dead starter.

While the challenge is technically failed now, the game itself continues in a softlocked state, and trying to enter any battle will result in a crash. Even if you manage to capture Actan when it attacks in its Nuclear form, the subsequent cutscene acts as if you knocked it out.

Possibly justified, since CURIE is wearing advanced radiation-proof equipment, which you no longer have access to by the time Urayne becomes available to you. This is despite the fact that the game often has you traversing highly radioactive areas because of the plot, often with you or your Pokemon no worse for ware.

This reaches a downright absurd level when you reach an area so radioactive that you need a special suit in order to proceed without serious harm And yet, your unprotected Pokemon can still fight in the area, directly above radioactive fluids, with no ill effects. Thanks to Character DevelopmentTheo will go from throwing a temper tantrum and cheap excuses whenever you beat him, to take defeat in stride, acknowledge that you're the better trainer, and even if he constantly loses against you, how fighting you helps him become stronger.

Every Nuclear-type is this by default, since Nuclear attacks hit for 2x super effective damage against every type aside from Steel and Nuclear itselfbut in return also take 2x damage from every other type as well except Poison.

There are quite a few ninjas in this game. The last gym is located in a town full of them. How to get NucleonTandor's unique Eeveelution. Starting at level 20, you have to level it up with a Nuclear type in your party.

Considering Nuclear types are Awesome, but Impracticalyou're not likely to have any in your team by the time Eevee becomes catchable.

Not helping is the fact that Theo gets one despite having seemingly never caught any. To get it you have to locate the Bike Wheel, found on a side path of route 4, then backtrack all the way to the bike repair shop located in Kevlar Town. Unless you're the kind of player who checks everywhere it's very easy to miss both these things and be left wondering when the bike is going to show up.

Lampshaded when someone offers singing lessons and asks to hear your voice. I want to hear you sing! In-Universethe player character's father believes this about his wife, Lucille, who apparently died in a massive nuclear meltdown at a power plant. He's right, though she went a little nuts in the interim. I Love Nuclear Power: Following a catastrophic meltdown at a nuclear power plant ten years prior to the game's start, some Pokemon have been affected by the radiation, making them feral and changing their typing to Nuclear, which is super effective against almost every type and weak to almost every type.

Seikamaterbrood queen of the Anthell, said to be the progenitor of every Smore, Sponee and Tricwe in Tandor. If you open your menu once you wake up, you'll see Garlikid in your team and no-one else. Theo gets hit with this a lot, especially when it comes to rescue and assistance efforts during nuclear plant meltdowns. I can see the person here.

Do the same thing again, but this time on a more complex pose. I want you to draw me in that as I pose for you. He had to to struggle to maintain his laugh at the sight, nearly falling over from the ridiculous figure before him. I can't keep this up forever. The human settled down his laughter as he begin to draw a stick figure of her shape.

It was, as she stated, a little bit harder than before. But he got her the most basic lines of her form down quicker than he expected, and he wasted no time in drawing the ovals and circles of her figure down. Hmm, not bad actually. A little rough, but he is improving. Nothing big or anything, but I want you to draw the female form. No need to look so flustered. Remember, all humans are born without clothes on, if you're embarrassed about that.

Few Pokemon don't wear clothes in the first place, me included. The natural form is a beautiful thing, Michel, it's not something you should be ashamed about. Now, like I said, draw a featureless mannequin.

Do it in any form you want, even the most basic one, in the way I taught you. Nothing good can come from rushing through. He watched with a smile as he added in the small details, the hands and feet, earsm and even the shape of the featureless breasts. Though she held back a laugh at seeing his questionable face as he drew in the breasts slowly. Though this is as far as I can go with drawing the body, as you may want to learn about drawing different musculature and the more complex details a person would have.

For now, let's leave it until another time. Let's take it one step at a time. I'd very much like to show you how to write Calligraphy. Didn't realize there's a lot more to drawing than that…. A Swanna quill, professionally crafted, and ink. Didn't think about when I'd ever get to use them until now. Do you know what to do, at all? Lightly dipping the tip of the quill into the ink and starts to write on the paper with pure finesse.

He didn't pay attention to the words she wrote so much as the style of the writing itself. Michel is in awe over of it all, of how she can turn simple words into elegant swashes. She tapped the remaining ink back into the bottle before handing it back to him. But for now, let's stick to the basic stuff. Touching quill to paper he began to draw in the flower, looking up every few seconds to study the plant before going back with ease.

Smeargle was surprised by how easily he was getting the hang of it. It seems he already knows how to draw quite well already. He did state he's seen videos of this kind of thing before, but even then watching people draw and actually drawing yourself are very different things. She marvelled how easily he was getting the hang of it; it seemed he already knows about how changing the position of the quill can alter the width of the line.

Small, slight strokes, soft and slow. And quick as a wink she stood up and grabbed his cheeks pulling his face her way as she moved her own to inches close to his, their eyes locked as the human froze. I have watercolour paints in my bag if that's what you're asking. I'd like to take you to the next step: Now you must take the next journey of arting; painting. He brought out a set of brushes, with smaller and larger varieties, a bottle of water, with a porcelain mug, and finally, a nice pan of watercolour paints he opened up.

With at least 30 different colours inside. And with how dirty the inside base of the pan was, as well as how used the colours seemed, Michel had tried to paint a good number of times in the past, assuming those are his deals. I have a lot of fun with painting. Dabbing a little of the dampened small brush he set to work, starting with the green he coloured in the base of a stem. Sure, it was basic, but the way he smiled was enough to show her he was enjoying this. It was a happy sight to see.

He gave each of the flower buds both a different look and a different colour: If he wanted to become a professional artist, he still has a long way to go, but for a beginner, he seemed to have at least dabbled in the art, and is more than willing to learn.

Or have you used any other mediums for painting? I've only used watercolours so far since they're quite cheap. I have been thinking about Acrylics paints though To me, it honestly looks ugly, failing to capture the natural look of the world. Don't they look nice when finished? I had thought about the idea of oils She didn't feel it right to end here, they're should be something, maybe not so much how to draw better That gave her an idea. Does that seem to interest you? Uh, do have a napkin on you, perchance?

Now watch and follow what I do. And after, you hold the brush by the bristles and spread them out a bit. Then paint, like this. The paint was coming off completely uneven, broken, only parts of the line were covered over with paint while others were untouched. And now-" She expertly flipped the brush around in her hand, the handle facing his way. Not the whole of it, just the stump. It's only a tutorial. Hold on I'll draw the outline of one for you. Smeargle, however, instead wore an expression of complete unamusement as she stared at the headwear.

Wanting to remedy this, she stood on her tiptoes and ruffled the humans hair as she stated. Your much more handsome without something blocking you natural form. But we aren't here to give compliments to one another.

We're here to paint, so-" she pointed to the brush he still held in his hand. However, he was disappointed when he noticed the paint wasn't going over the paper like Smeargle's, not in blotches as he wanted but more smooth in design, like normal strokes.

A masterpiece can never be forced. Don't be afraid to ask if you need help, I will guide you through any problems. Slowly, with the touches of the brush. I should add that the trick to dry brushing is using slightly textured watercolour paper or rougher canvas, but that's for if you want to properly use this technique for the future.

Just note that this is a basic outline of the technique, don't expect me to want major detail in any of this, I want to see you get the hang of this first.

He was getting the hang of it quite easily, and though she was always quick to toot her own horn, so to speak, she could see this human has some real talent in the field of art. He has a eye of detail, no of the paint runs out the lines I drawn and he even added flicks at the top above the lines on his own. More so, he added in dark blotches in places like real life bark. Well, I can see which type of paint he wants to use. A few more lessons and I think you'll get this down swimmingly.

I have to say I loved your use of darkened brown to show of the natural bark. That's quite creative of you. I never said to add in shading. Which is shame, as now I have to punish you.

Michel touched around his face, feeling the wet surfaces of her natural paint around certain parts of her face. She had drawn in specific areas, it seemed, and the liquid was splattered only on his lower lips and eye, he believed.

Teacher be damned, he did not think that was deserved from her, and to add to this, there is no way she deserves to look at him with that expression. This did not stop him as he quickly began moving out the seat with Smeargle laughing her head off as she ran away with glee. But in his fit of anger he let himself be tripped over from the table and fell head first onto the floor with a thump.

However her shorter legs were not her inevitable downfall, as in one moment of turning her head around to him and blowing a raspberry at him did she not see the way forward and promptly tripped on a rock, her act of derision caused to fall onto the ground with a flump, belly first as her running away was halted. Shaking her head she moved her body over to regain his understanding of her surroundings, and looking upwards she caught the sight of the human shadowing over her, with quite the mischievous glint in his eyes.

She did not make a move to run away, for she knew she was cornered at last. She could only make a half-grinning face as the human crouched down over her, and with a grin he said, while twiddling the paintbrush in his hands.

It's not right for the student to turn on the teacher. You know that right? Wait, he was doing dry brushing, paint shouldn't drop off the tip that easily. Past the human's face and up to the sky the submissive Pokemon noticed the skies become noticeably darker A single drop of water his face as he now as well noticed her dark the sky had gotten. Then another drop of water hit his face. And now it began to rain. Both human and Pokemon stood up as they felt the cold damp of rain begin raining over them.

And taking it off her when it was full both, looked around themselves for shelter, anyway to get out of this downpour. And so there they both stood, sheltering under a tree in the park, as the sounds of falling precipitation echoed around them, both glad to be out of the sudden shower.

Everybody in the park has left by now, and the two were alone. I thought we could get a few more hours of teaching done before it went late. I really took a liking to you teaching me how to draw and learn new techniques. Michel, I wanna apologise for doing that. I shouldn't have made fun of you like that, especially considered you've actually impressed me with what you've done. In fact, he was smiling warmly at her.

Actually, I found myself having fun with it, even if I didn't get around to painting your face in return. I'm not upset by it, even then. I was worried I had made you angered by me. I do find it fun spending time around you, even when most of it was simply acting as a tutor to you. I really do want to learn more from you. You're very smart, you know.

I could bring new equipment, this time. You seem to know everything about there is it know about art. She settled for not changing this to comfort either side. I hope the rain lets up by tomorrow. She must have own places to be after all. Though quite soaked through. It's where we live. Even ones that prefer urban areas like me don't mind it so much. We can survive fine like that. A woman like her deserved far more than sleeping in the cold. No, he would not have it even if she refused.

I won't mind you staying at my apartment, and I would love the company. Besides, if you stay that means you could teach me more anytime you wanted. Not only on sunny days. True, she didn't mind the open air, she was a wild Pokemon after all, living in the streets was natural to her, but she would be lying if she said she never wanted to sleep in a human's house, all wrapped up in warm sheets, laying in a soft bed, no wind racing through her fur The human stepped in first, turning on the lights as Smeargle entered behind him, going past the door far enough for him to shut the door and both finally being out of the rain.

I don't want to tread water on your floor. I can clear it up after. Neither too cheap nor too expensive.

A basic living room, mind you, the walls are definitely missing something; a good number of paintings deserved to hang on these walls. He lived alone, she could sense.

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And not very ashamed of it, it seems with how certain dirty items lays unceremoniously around the room. Yet rather then simply give it to her instead he himself wrapped the towel around her before she could even ask, wrapping some of the towel over her head as well.

Of course, he's hasn't shown himself to have been the loud type, to be exact, but he's acting so wary right now. It's normal for most Pokemon, you know.

You've done quite a lot for me today, I want to repay that kindness. Treat me like any person. I am your guest now, aren't I? She prefered to be look upon like any other. Would you at least allow me to run a warm bath for you, seeing as I doubt you'd had a good soak for at least a while? I would very much like a bath right now. She suppressed a giggle with how silly they both were acting just now. She felt glad that of all the humans she could have helped to teach it was this particular human.

So sweet and kind. Or is that a roommate now? Either way, she would love to have a friend like him. And in less than 5 minutes the Smeargle relaxed her whole body as she gently slid herself into the steaming bath, letting out a sighed "Ahhh" as the warm water soaked her fur, a much bigger upgrade the the falling rain.

She felt at pure bliss right now, completely calm, as the faint sound of the still falling rain could be heard splattering on the bathroom window. A nice cup of joe, black with two sugars, giving to her from the human, not a request in of itself, though she did explain how she liked her drink.

The human has already given so much to her for little desire for anything in return… Well there was the fact that he wanted to learn more from her. A human with a desire to gain more experience, and a mind that could take constructive criticism.

A rare breed of humans nowadays, she figured. And by jove, will she make sure everything little tidbit of information she knows will be pushed into that noggin of his if it kills. She teach him tomorrow. Today, it's time she relaxed and have some well deserved me time. More than a week had passed since the Smeargle had barged, or probably tepidly walked in, if a better set of words could be used, into his life, and he honestly couldn't be happier.

Already he felt himself steadily improving as an artist. He has learnt more techniques about drawing and painting from her, about which tools are suited better for which subject, and even certain tricks that she had found useful. Of course, the most important things she has teached him is that no amount of expensive equipment, paper, paints or brushes will make him better as an artist; only diligent practice and effort can.

So whenever he could he would draw, paint, learn. Being taught how to get better as an artist, and himself seeing how he should better himself. Not stopping until he had either run out of paper, paint, or when Smeargle suggests he stops for a while.

Despite how it may seem, he never saw this as a chore, as really he enjoys making his art. Like just now, as he is sitting in the middle of his apartment on his stool, easel in front of him as he was drawing on the paper with a nice thin pencil, a smile adorned on his face as he was drawing with glee, his mind thinking back to all the tricks Smeargle had, consensually, pushed into his mind.

Such as dripping rubbing alcohol into wet watercolour makes certain shapes when the paper and pain pull away, giving an almost dreamy effect when used right. She had also showed him if he drops salt into a wet wash of watercolour, it can make for an effect like snowflakes. Rock salt she stated works best for this, though regular table salt can work if none are on hand. Sprinkling some sand into a wet wash can make a nice sandy texture, Smeargle once taught him, which will be useful when painting a beach.

Truthfully he would like to go to the beach one hot day, to paint or not, it would be nice to relax.

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He wondered what Smeargle would like like wearing a bathing suit, though knowing her she would make anything work. As he was drawing he remembered what she taught him about the sky; with clouds, they can be easily made by making a blue wash and then dabbing the pain away with a paper towel.

Wetting the edges of the white area will then help to fade it out and blend as needed. Now that he thinks about it, she taught him how to make clouds with wet into wet, by having the paper wet and shiny, and dropping watercolour into from random patterns, and by using an eyedropper he could put small puddles in places to depict clouds.

That sounds like fun actually, he must get her to show him sometime. Though now he is sticking to drawing for the moment, depicting a moment he saw in the park only a day ago. Not that he minded drawing, he still prefered watercolour, though the teacher of his odes make a good point that earning the basic of drawing would be helpful to those how paint with any kind of tools and materials. Drawing he does find useful, though, when she helped him rearrange his living room, as drawings can give a preview of what it will look like beforehand, and adjust before he jumps in.

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And just like that he was finished. The time must have really flown by. He took his work off the easel as Smeargle walked over to inspect his creation. It was a drawing of when a Charizard fell into the pond in the park, and to her joy he meticulously managed to depict the moment the Pokemon splashed down, almost like a freeze frame. Combine this with a background and you have one solid piece.

Michel knows whenever she was like this she was deep in thought, and that usually means she has something new to show him.

Moreso, you have to texture it with the watercolours, not the ink. If it turns out I'm not ready yet or even simply not getting the hang of it, then OK.

There's no problem with trying, even if I'm not good at it in the end. He has come a long way in such a short time. I'm gonna have you do a still-life to start with, like I said, it can be tricky.

She placed it down a space in front of the easel, neatly setting the tray on the stool as Michel sat back on his own stool. Use it to show your progress, how far you've come.

Let it inspire your heart. A host of paintings of his finest works sounds quite amazing, and with how plain and painting-less the walls were, it seems like a fine thing in his mind. Though we do need to thinking about the framing before we get ahead of ourselves.

Like driftwood from beaches. Cutting the glass by ourselves can be hard and dangerous, so it's best we buy ready-cut pains of glass before we make them a certain size first. Not only that, watercolours will need a special glass to prevent the sunlight from fading the colours. Annoyingly, oils frame easier. The thinner smelled awful, even with the windows open. He'd prefer using watercolours any day. And another afternoon well spent having fun while being educated.

With a heave he rose out of bed, the morning sun glittering through the blinds of his bedroom window. He felt around his bed in his haze as his mind became clear of his surroundings. Mmm, the faint smell of morning coffee wafted through his nose. Smeargle was already, up it seemed.

He would have already realised that anyway without the smell as he wouldn't have felt the Pokemon curled up by her side, as per the usual now she liked to sleep next to him in his bed. To note, he wouldn't have her sleep on the couch, and she refused to chuck him out of his own bed at night. So this was their compromise. Quickly reaching down, somewhat glad Smeargle wasn't nearby, he brought up a sketchbook and pencil he always kept by his side, as from Smeargle's suggestion, he keep a small sketchbook next to his bed, so he can draw his dreams he had the night before.

As Smeargle told him, it was a good way to improve his drawing as he never knew what dream he had next, so it could be a real challenge depending on what he dreamed.

Though the sketch of this particular dream he had last night was.

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In theory, quite easy as far as drawings go, it's the content of the dream that made his pencil hover in place of the paper. It was of Smeargle, while simple enough on it's own, the whole atmosphere of the dream felt It felt warm, welcoming, the visage of Smeargle herself holding her arms open, as if she guiding him towards her, lying down on what he could only describe as pillowy mounds of gigantics sheets, an image so enticing he wished he was there to relax alongside her… Well, a dream was still a dream.

After all, they don't mean really anything. Just your brain imaging random bizarre scenarios for reasons scientist still can't explain…. Either way, he started to commit his dream to paper, drawing with his pencil as he tried to remember as much of his dream as he could. Definitely as close to the original dream as he thought he could. Though even if it was a sketch, the sight of seeing his friend holding out her arms to him still looked rather enticing. She was nice, Smeargle.

He thought back to a day ago one lesson outside, when Smeargle and he came across a crying young girl. As it turned out, the little one was crying because her dolly was ruined now, her face had become smudged with age and now looked quite bleak.

Smeargle, in a very calm way, asked her for the doll, and without wasting any time she began to repaint a new face for the doll.

And when she was finished, he swore it the face looked better than new. In Smeargle's own words, she believed that artists are meant to make the world a little bit better and happier. She was always a sweet person Smeargle. Uh, but for now he had better tuck this drawing somewhere safe for now. Don't want Smeargle looking through this and getting the wrong idea about him. Wait, what wrong idea?