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Rune Secrets - revealed the Wunjo meaning & Wunjo reversed meaning. The Wunjo Rune is one of the Runes of magic & divination based in Norse mythology. Overview. Wunjo is the rune of all kinds of satisfaction – health, wealth, In a reversed position it invites to seek the truth and beware of relationship issues and . Reversed The meaning of Wunjo reversed is exactly the opposite of everything stated about its meaning in the upright position. Things are slow.

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When all three runes are negative, the answer is definitely no, but the meanings of the runes will usually tell you why and what you might be able to do to up your chances of success. When two runes are positive and one is negative, the answer is yes, but some aspect of the situation will not meet your expectations. Again, the meanings of the runes may clue you in to what aspect this is.

When two runes are negative and one is positive, the answer is no, but it may not be too bad in the end. Two negative runes with a nonreversible rune should be treated like three negatives.

For those of you who use the Blank Rune, this next part is important. If the Blank Rune appears in your yes or no draw, it means one of two things: After waiting a day, you can ask the question again.

If the Blank Rune appears again, you can try asking the runes a third time. However, if the Blank Rune appears a third time, then you really should give up asking the question because you are simply not meant to have an answer.


Sacred to Balder — the beautiful god, and the Solar Wheel. Manifestation Uses To increase positive energies; to bring about activity; for good health and fertility. To increase physical strength and stamina. Strengthens the spiritual and psychic powers and abilities. Relationship Interpretation Development of individuality within the relationship.

Healing Colour and Qualities Blue. To use for energy and strength and healing for the entire body. Excellent for nervous disorders. To ease ligament pain, use in conjunction with the Mannaz rune. Talisman Worn as a talisman, Sowulo gives a boost to energy levels, increases strength and encourages enthusiasm. Sowulo Drawn Upright Keywords Success, positive energy, power, day, hope, attainment, harmony, contact with the higher self, light of the world, beneficent magic, spiritual power to resist disintegration, guidance, healing, victory, fertility, good health, healing, glory, inspiration, honour, victory, education, high achievements, obtained goals.

It is a rune of education and understanding. Sowulo represents the power of the Sun. In almost every religion in the world, the Sun is held most sacred.

The Wunjo meaning and Wunjo reversed meaning of this Rune.

Wunjo tells us that for happiness to last it needs to be founded upon truth and honesty. Hide from the truth and you shall never see true happiness. There is a new clarity which may call for you to rethink or renounce existing plans, ambitions and goals, and Wunjo gives you the opportunity to do so safely, as it is the rune of restoration.

Wunjo Drawn Reversed Merkstave Keywords Sorrow, melancholy, strife, alienation, delirium, intoxication, impractical enthusiasm, frenzy, insanity, anger and rage, manipulation.

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When the Wunjo rune is drawn reversed, it is telling you to not allow issues and problems from the past, deter or stop you from moving forward. It may indicate a period when you feel negative, sorrowful or depressed.

The Weekly Rune -- Wunjo Reversed

A crisis or difficulty is at hand. The choice is yours whether to allow this to deplete you, or to rejuvenate you. The Wunjo rune drawn merkstave is also an indication that there may be others around you who will manipulate or bully you into situations that you would not normally allow yourself to slip in to. It is taking advantage of your melancholy to restrain you all the more. Rather than twist with anger, rage or frustration, the message is to contemplate all angles, then follow what your inner-wisdom directs.

Wunjo warns of sorrow and strife and of being alienated.

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